already a fail

jeez louise, I knew I’d fail on the posting everyday thing sooner or later, but even I was surprised by the quickness of the fail.

My excuse would be that last night was our anniversary, but we didn’t go out – what we did was watch tv.

So in honor of our anniversary activity, I thought I’d post about what I’m watching now that we’re back in America…and then you will realize the full extent of my dorkiness. My only defense is that I do currently live in the same room as all of our children, so anything not pg-rated or below is kind of out of the question. Otherwise I have no excuses.

What I watch:

  • Top Chef – oh how I have missed you these past 3 years
  • Flipping Out – Sarah told me about this one, and she was right about its awesomeness. This is the show that Mike and I watched last night (actually, we watched several episodes), and we both loved it. Jeff Lewis rocks.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place  – I warned you about the dorkiness, right? But this show is really good…really! The dialogue between the kids is great, although this show seriously makes me glad at this point that we don’t have a girl, because one day she would be a teenage girl. The boys like this one too, because its about Wizards 🙂
  • Hannah Montana – okay, I am a huge dork. But I would much rather watch this one with the boys than Dora, Diego, Scooby Doo (or anything else on Cartoon Network). I think Billy Ray is pretty funny, and Jackson too. I don’t think that Oliver is funny at all, really. Or that freaky little kid who’s always causing trouble. And what is up with the hair of every single male on that show? Especially Oliver?
  • Phineaus (sp?) and Ferb – this one I won’t apologize for – Noah, Sawyer and I watched it in England, and we watch it here too. This show is seriously funny. I love their sister. LOVE HER.
  • I must also admit that I have also watched one episode of Jonas (only 1, I promise), and I laughed at that one too.

Obviously Bravo and Disney are on heavy rotation here at the Days Inn.

In other news, we are CLOSING ON THE HOUSE TOMORROW!!! So we’ll be checking out of the hotel, and sleeping at the house on air mattresses tomorrow night. So we’re super excited, because we cannot continue to sleep in the same room as Emmett. Mike uses ear plugs, but even that only mutes the crying. I need to be able to hear Silas, so I get to experience Emmett in full volume every night. Seriously, after Mike does everything he can do to make sure everything is okay with him, and everything he can do to calm him down (Mike is on Emmett night duty when he’s at home, since I’m on Silas duty), and he’s still crying his heart out, we need to be able to get a little distance. Why he cries, no one knows.This has been going on since May.

Anyway, last but not least, a shout out to my husband: Mike, I love you. I can’t believe that we’ve been married 8 years already! Every day I would choose to marry you all over again and live our crazy life together. Thank you for being the best husband ever. I am so thankful to God for each day that I get to spend with you, my soulmate. Thank you for the new bed (we ordered a king size frame and mattress today!)!



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3 responses to “already a fail

  1. charityfaithrose

    CONGRATS on 8 fab years! And on the house – yea :)!
    Okay, I don’t think you are dorky (or too much), because I also enjoy the HM, WWP, P&F, and Jonas brothers line-up ;). (you should check the Jonas boys out more – cute show!). They are cute shows and it’s nice to be able to snuggle up with the kids and watch something that doesn’t annoy the padodo out of you. So now you have a bit more insight into my dorkiness. Welcome to the club!
    We miss you all!!!!

  2. oh, love top chef and LOVE flipping out!!! jeff lewis is HILARIOUS!!! love it!! never seen any of the other shows…so can’t help you out there 🙂

    i am excited for you guys to get into your house…i don’t know how you are doing it in a hotel with all those kiddos in such a small space! and ENJOY the king size bed! it will be the best purchase you have ever made.

    hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

  3. Sarah

    I knew you would love Flippiing Out!!! Happy Anniversary!

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