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the best news!!

Today has been a great day! I mean, except for the sick kids and whining and crying parts. We’ve all been fighting colds over here – boo! I spent all day Saturday in bed wondering if a head could actually explode from sinus pressure.

ANYWAY, this post isn’t about the back-to-school- crud.

This morning, Mike, I, a school district representative, and Emmett’s early steps coordinator had Emmett’s transitional meeting. This is something kids with special needs have about 6 months before they turn 3 and enter the school system.

And guess what?

You’ll never guess (unless you’re friends with me on facebook) so I’ll just tell you.

The county is going to let Emmett start school in OCTOBER!!!!!!

Can I get a praise Jesus?

Seriously – Mike and I were just talking last night about how I was soooo sick of being the bad guy all day every day with Emmett – I won’t let him keep his hands in his mouth all day, I won’t let him bang his head on the tile, I won’t let him scratch himself into an infection, I change his poopy diapers, I clean his g-tube site, I brush his teeth and so on (Mike does all these things too, but not while he’s at work…that would be difficult).

I know, I am a monster. But it feels like our whole day is just filled with all of these negative interactions and it just weighs. me. down. And I totally didn’t know how I was going to hold out til the end of March, when Emmett turns 3.

So really, this is a total answer to prayer!

He will be going full days 5 days a week – riding the bus to a school about 25 miles away from us. There is a closer school that he could attend, but this one really focuses on mobility, which is one of our top 3 goals for Emmett, because let me tell you, that kid is getting heavy.

And I think that after the first couple of weeks (which he will spend folded over like a taco, pretending he can’t crawl or sit, screaming his head off for hours at a time) he will love it.

And I think that we might actually be able to enjoy some quality time together, since I’ll feel like someone else is responsible for his behavioral issues in addition to me.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

For Reals.

{me on an hourly basis: Emmy for the love will you PLEASE GET THAT HAND OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?!?!}



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man oh man

sorry for the absence folks – we’ve got numerous sick kiddos here: 4 with colds, 2 with fevers, 1 with an ear infection.

Poor Riggs – he’s caught the brunt of this awful cold: he’s the one with the ear infection. Oh and the diaper rash from hell. He doesn’t feel like drinking, he doesn’t feel like eating, he doesn’t feel like doing much of anything. Except crying – he does feel like that 😦 .

But he started antibiotics tonight, so hopefully he’ll be feeling better in a couple of days (although I fear the diaper rash may get worse if the drugs give him cha-chas).

I promise that we’ll get back to blogging about more fun things…someday :). I have a bunch of pics on the camera that need to be loaded onto the computer – but I’ve just been wiped out.


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our weekend…and a (tiny) rant

{definitely not taken today – it has been cloudy and rainy all week here}

We’ve had a busy weekend…started on Friday afternoon with a squadron social at a local restaurant. The fun continued on Saturday with a trip to lowes and work on the house (plant planting and picture rearranging for me, programmable thermostat install and yardwork for Mike). Then today we had church, another trip to lowes (for more plants and a different programmable thermostat), and a party for a friend’s kid who had her first communion today.

Mixed in with all that was Emmett’s pediasure leaking out of his tubing and onto him and his bed two nights in a row. You know, there’s nothing that smells better than a pediasure soaked little boy and his pediasure soaked diaper.

I jest. Really there is not much that is more stomach turning, and I have seen A LOT of grossening things in my day.

If anyone out there has any ideas about how to 1)prevent Emmett from writhing around in his crib all night, which causes the medicine port on his tubing to pop open, releasing gobs of stinky vanilla-flavored grossness; 2)prevent poor emmett from crying so loud when he has to get his sopping wet clothes changed that he wakes up his deep-sleeping little brother, who then wants to party in the middle of the night; 3)interest Emmett in, I don’t know, ACTUALLY SLEEPING AT NIGHT, please let me know. Like ASAP, before we lose our minds.

Can you tell we’re a little frustrated with this leaking tubing/middle of the night bathing and sheet changing/no sleeping/pediasure stinkified situation?

Good, I’m glad I’ve made that clear.

*note: we have some melatonin, which we haven’t started yet because I have to find a way to grind the pills up small enough so that they won’t clog the g-tube. But Dr. Bedpan says melatonin is better at getting people to fall asleep, not stay asleep. And the staying asleep is the problem.


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Sawyer’s weekend

Lets see…

{Saturday morning started with chocolate chip muffins – with candles of course}

{Then we moved on to the present: an oversized beanbag with his name on it}

I don’t have pictures of the rest of that day, but here’s what we did: went to Pensacola to shop a little and visit Emmett. Then we headed home to get ready for the big event – I took Noah and Sawyer to see How to Train Your Dragon. They LOVED it. And I thought it was really good too!

Sunday…first church and then…

{swimming with Berd}

{a little cupcake decorating – he requested a cake in the shape of a cross 🙂 }

{and finally a birthday dinner (turkey burgers from the grill, fries and watermelon) followed by candle blowing part two, cake and ice cream}

In case you ever read this someday, we love you so much Sawyer!

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Sawyer’s weekend recap…will have to wait

rarrr…the computer is not letting me import my pictures from the camera. Stupid.

I went swimming in our pool with the boys for the first time today. They’ve been in with Mike and my mom, but I’ve been putting it off, saying it would be too cold.

Today, after getting home from a nice long trip to target with Riggs, I was hot and sweaty, so when the bigs asked if I would take them swimming, I decided to go for it.

And I was right – it was COLD! Actually it wasn’t too bad until you got out of the water – then it was freezing. Poor Sawyer’s teeth were chattering and Noah was covered in goose bumps.

And yet every day they come back for more.

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weekend wrap up

Big news – Emmett busted out of the hospital today! They wanted to keep him in for the whole ativan wean, but that is going to take another couple of weeks, and there is no way…and I mean NO WAY that was happening.

He’s still really jittery – I haven’t really seen any improvement with that, and you can definitely tell when its time for the next ativan dose, but that kid took about a 2 hour nap after we got home – probably the longest nap he has ever taken. I think he was happy to be back in his own bed 🙂 (of course he’s awake now, at 10pm, but whatever).

As Mike said in the last post, yesterday was Sawyer’s birthday. 4 years old! Since he doesn’t really have any friends here yet, we went with the family birthday party, and thank goodness, because we would have had to cancel the party with all of the Emmett drama. But I think he still had a good weekend – I even heard him say today that this was the best day EVAH!

I’ll share the details of his big weekend tomorrow – I just don’t feel like downloading pics from the camera tonight.

Thank y’all so much for all the prayers and well wishes. We are so happy to all be together again, and hoping that Emmett will be back to his normal self within the next few weeks.


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{so cute i can’t even stand it}

We all want our kids to grow up to be independent. I have to push my boys to do things for themselves, because they prefer to have things done for them. And sometimes I get frustrated when they resist grabbing their own snacks, putting on their own clothes (ahem, Sawyer), going to different areas of the house alone, and so on. I tell them that we have 2 babies in our family that can’t do anything without help, so it would really help me out if they would show a little initiative (I don’t use the word initiative). They are not impressed with this argument. Whining (Noah) and crying (Sawyer) commence, followed by the stern voice (me) and occasional trips to the naughty chair.

This issue seems to intensify when Mike isn’t here. I have more on my plate, and less patience. They are extra sensitive and need more reassurance. It’s not a winning combination. Sometimes I find myself thinking that I can’t wait until they are bigger and can do more stuff.

So today, I needed this shot to remind me of this truth: I love them just the age that they are. I’m so not ready for them to be too old to sleep with their b’s or cuddle with each other…or with me. Each day that I get to enjoy with them is a blessing and not to be taken for granted because we will never get this time back.

And so just because I like hanging out with them, I let them stay up and watch AI with me, and we picked our top 3 and voted for the very first time! (fyi, we voted for Crystal – she’s my fave; Tim – usually horrible but I think he did great tonight; and Michael – his r&b, over-the-top singing is not my style, but I LOVED his In the Ghetto…I also really like Lee and Casey. And I cannot believe I am talking about American Idol here – curse you mom for sucking me in!)

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