Its only been a week this time!

*overheard during quiet time today: the boys playing “oil spill” with their playmobil guys. So sad

Thanks for the comments on the chalkboard, y’all! I LOVE the way it turned out…sometimes I just sit there and gaze upon our big black wall…sigh.

And I’m back with another project…this one much more subtle, I promise!

It started with a trip to the seashell souvenir store. They sell their imperfect seashells for 88 cents apiece! So Sawyer and I picked out a few to bring home.

Then the bigs and I painted them with acrylics (in beachy colors) and took them outside to spray on a coat of poly

Ok, maybe we picked out more than a few.

After they dried, I brought them back inside and put them up in all the transoms in the house

I don’t know if anyone who comes to our house even notices them…but I notice, and they make me smile. Plus the bigs got a kick out of getting to help with a project – it kept them happily occupied during the witching hours (4-6pm at our house). And that really makes me smile



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i know, i know

…I’ve been absolutely HORRIBLE about blogging lately.

I’m sorry.

No really, I am.

And I have no good excuse either – we’ve been busy but what else is new.

But I’m back!

And I’m ready to share some projects!

Remember the kitchen?

Well…a while back Mike went out of town, and I got a little bored. I wouldn’t say he was thrilled when he got home, but, because he’s such a fabulous husband, he didn’t make me change it back.

I haven’t let the kids draw on it yet – I’m just loving the blankness that is the clean chalkboard wall. Yes I did it. But I did take into account all the warnings. To avoid the dust, I’m planning on only using chalkboard markers.

When I break down and finally let the kids draw on it, that is.

Not that you would ever want to do a chalkboard wall, but iffin you did, here’s how I did it:

  1. first I taped with frog tape (the green gap at the top will be covered by crown moulding…eventually)
  2. then I did 3 coats of magnetic primer (from lowes)
  3. followed by 2 coats of chalkboard paint (also from lowes)

easy peasy lemon squeezey!

So do you like it or hate it – I’m pretty sure its gotta be one or the other?


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i may have a sickness

…that compells me to rearrange furniture.

Mike’s been working late lately so I’ve been moving some stuff around, as I am wont to do. Currently I’m in the process of moving the big boys back downstairs to the little boys’ old room, the little boys out of the green room to the office, the office to the guest room upstairs, the guest room to the master bedroom, the master bedroom to the playroom upstairs, and the playroom to the green room.

Ok wow, when I type it out like that, its sounds like a lot.

Here’s how I see it – we’ve been living in this house for what 7-8 months or so? It can take a while to figure out the best layout for a house, so in my mind its natural that you’d have to move stuff around.

I’m not sure Mike shares this opinion. In fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.

But I’ve promised that THIS will be the last room moves for a long time. And I mean it.

Ugh, still having problems with the camera/computer thing. Maybe if Mike and I can be in the same place at the same time at some point in the future, we can get the kinks worked out.

Because really, have y’all even seen pictures of the little boys in the green room, the big boys upstairs, the chalkboard wall (oh yes, I went for it), more cabinet doors removed in the kitchen, the new and improved nondining room, the furniture I’ve refinished, and the mantle?

And what about the boys? They just get cuter every day if I do say so myself.

Soon we’ll get all caught up.


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can you believe it?

I was going to transfer some pics from the camera to the computer tonight so I could put some up on the blog, but wouldn’t you know it? The desktop is down…again. Boo.

I’ll give it til tomorrow, and then I’ll put them on the laptop – it just confuses everything to have pictures in more than one place.

So frustrating – I have a million projects to show y’all…ok, maybe not a million.

Oh well, I guess Mike and I will paint the mantle instead.

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our super unfun monday

Y’all, I cannot believe:

  • that I did so well for so long on the 365 project
  • that, given how well I was doing with the daily posting, how badly I am doing with it lately

I will really try to do better. Really.

Anyway, mostly for those of you who keep up with us mainly on facebook, here’s the story of our yesterday…

Emmett woke up yesterday morning with some pretty ugly wheezing. Like I think I’ve mentioned, all the kids have had colds.

I was able to get him in to the peds office that morning, so I dropped Noah off at school and took everyone else with me to the base.

The doc (not Dr. Bedpan – he’ll make an appearance later) gave him a breathing treatment and ordered some chest x-rays. I had to call Mike over from work to go in with Emmett because they won’t take kids back by themselves and they won’t let you leave your other kids in the waiting room. Love it.

Then we went back to the peds office for another breathing treatment and the results, which were:

  • double ear infection (obv the x-rays didn’t show this)
  • a focal area of pneumonia
  • hyperinflated irritated lungs

So we went home with some oral steroids, an albuterol inhaler, some antibiotics and some numbing ear drops.

Whew…I was tired out after this 2 1/2 hour appointment, and as for Em? He was not. happy. But one of the reasons I took him in the first place was because he’s been SO UNHAPPY for the last week. I thought it was the cold and the increased seizure meds that were making him so irritable (we are talking pretty much non-stop crying here), but I wanted the pediatritian to check him out before I called the neurologist. Plus, you know, there was the wheezing.

I went and picked up Noah, fed everyone who eats lunch, and got everyone settled in for quiet time. I laid down on the couch and prepared to watch some HGTV.

Then the phone rang.

It was the doc we saw earlier, calling to tell me that the radiologist had reviewed the films, and he thought there might be a pneumothorax present. He wanted Emmett to get some more x-rays.

I asked if it would be ok to wait until Mike got home from work to bring him in to the ER at Eglin and just have them take the films. He said that would be fine as long as he was breathing ok.

I checked on Emmy, who was sitting in his crib, tongue hanging out, grinning away at his blocks. This was the most content he’d been all week.

I went back to the couch.

The phone rang again.

This time it was Dr. Bedpan’s nurse, Amy (who is super nice), calling to tell us that Dr. Bedpan, the doc from earlier today, and the radiologist had had a pow-wow, and they now think that we need to head into the er at Sacred Heart immediately (Dr.Bedpan doesn’t want us to go to Eglin), and that they will call Mike’s commander if he needs to come home to watch the kids.


I looked at Emmett again – still breathing easy, no wheezing, no nothing.

I said it wasn’t necessary to call Mike’s boss – its never really a question of them letting him off of work – its a question of Mike having work to do, and us not being willing for him to leave work every time Emmett needs to go to the doctor. I called Carolyn, who saved the day once again and came over to watch the boys until Mike came home at the normal time.

Emmett and I headed to Pensacola.

I’l spare you all the saga of the er – if you have ever been to a busy er, you know how it goes. To make it short and sweet:

  • Em had more chest films taken
  • he was poked 10 gazillion times trying to get blood and place an iv
  • after an iv was finally placed, he pulled it out approximately 2 minutes later
  • finally we decided to skip the iv antibiotics and fluids, after the doc told me that he did not have a pneumothorax, and the pneumonia didn’t look too bad, and his bloodwork wasn’t horrible either, and I pitched a small fit about him being tortured treated like a pincushion poked anymore.
  • he got two IM antibiotic shots instead
  • 5 1/2 hours after we arrived, we left with one prescription for a little stronger antibiotic than our original doc had given him, along with 1 supertired sick little boy and one supertired frustrated mom.

The lesson I learned from all of this?

Next time I will trust my gut. My gut told me yesterday morning that he needed to go to the doctor today. And he did. My gut also told me that he was fine yesterday afternoon – we had antibiotics, an inhaler, steroids, pain meds on hand, and he was comfortable – he was breathing absolutely normally. And you know what? He WAS fine. The entire trip to the er was a waste of time and lots of the insurance company’s money. We could have brought him into the base er last night, gotten the x-rays taken, been in and out in under 2 hours, and it would have been free.

Here’s the thing: my kid has special needs. LOTS of special needs. He is medically complex. But that doesn’t mean that he sometimes can’t be treated the same as any other “normal” sick kid.

And what Emmett needed more than anything yesterday afternoon was just what any sick kid needs – rest.


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man oh man

sorry for the absence folks – we’ve got numerous sick kiddos here: 4 with colds, 2 with fevers, 1 with an ear infection.

Poor Riggs – he’s caught the brunt of this awful cold: he’s the one with the ear infection. Oh and the diaper rash from hell. He doesn’t feel like drinking, he doesn’t feel like eating, he doesn’t feel like doing much of anything. Except crying – he does feel like that 😦 .

But he started antibiotics tonight, so hopefully he’ll be feeling better in a couple of days (although I fear the diaper rash may get worse if the drugs give him cha-chas).

I promise that we’ll get back to blogging about more fun things…someday :). I have a bunch of pics on the camera that need to be loaded onto the computer – but I’ve just been wiped out.


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an almost great day

Mom and I did end up going antique shopping. Can you believe that I didn’t even buy anything? And neither did mom. But I have some possibilities 🙂

We had a great time tooling around Pensacola while Mike watched the kids. He calls today his mother’s day present to my mom and his belated valentine’s day gift to me.

So that was the super-awesome part of the day.

Unfortunately for us, my mom had to head back to Madison this afternoon. I guess its time we hand her back over to my dad.


And then Riggs started running a fever – boo.

And then it looks as though Emmett may have had a tiny seizure while he was in the pool with Mike – he’s okay though! But still boo.

And then Emmett and Riggs cried for the rest of the day. Boo.

But eventually all the kids went to sleep, and Mike and I moved some plants inside and put some stuff in the attic and watched some tv.

A good end to a good day (with some not-so-great moments).

{have i posted this one before? i love this picture}


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