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kitchen crisis!!!

I could just cry y’all.

The guys installed the granite countertop today.

And I hate it.

What I wanted was an absolute black countertop with a honed finish.

What these countertops look like is a black countertop that has been walked on by 27 kittens with muddy feet.

You see, we didn’t ever see the slab – they didn’t have any absolute black slabs with a honed finish when we chose our granite, but I have seen examples before – they just looked plain black.  So the granite company ordered it.

And because we were in Iowa, we didn’t ever go out to pensacola to check it out – we didn’t even know till monday that the slab had come in.

Big mistake.


Why oh why didn’t I go to look at the slab on monday, before they installed it?

Stay tuned for more breaking kitchen news.

PS: what a middle class sob story, right? Poor me,  my brand new stone countertops aren’t what I wanted…boo hoo hoo. Look, in the scheme of things, countertops are not a big deal, obvs. BUT…countertops are REALLY expensive (to us). We’ve saved a good bit of money to do this kitchen renovation thing. I want to love our new kitchen. Or at least not hate it.



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so much to say…

Whoa y’all…I have been one busy chicken lately!

Last week we flew up to Iowa to visit Mike’s family. We had a great time, and the trip has me wishing we lived on a farm. Seriously. Northwest Iowa in the summer will do that to you. I’m pretty sure I’d be singing a different tune if we visited in January.

And I’m also thinking that the Gulf oil crisis hitting our beloved beaches has a bit to do with my daydreams. Boo.


When we flew back into Mississippi, Mike and I hopped in the car and headed home. That’s right, JUST Mike and me!

Well, just Mike and me and Kodi and Mousa and my parents’ dogs, Bruiser and Fraggle.

But the point is that there were no kids in the car! My mom and dad have graciously agreed to watch them while our kitchen renovation takes place.

And that’s now, baby! The demolition started Monday, and we’re hoping that everything will be done early next week.

Because construction is messy! And dusty! And today they took our countertops and sink away!

It will be totally worth it in the end – I can’t wait to share the final product with y’all (and see it for myself!).

But don’t y’all think that I’m sitting on the couch watching the Hills finale while my mom slaves away with the kids. I have been working my patootie off!

Let’s see…so far I’ve had a visit from the sherriff’s dept (courtesy of our nasty next-door neighbor), finished refinishing 6 pieces of furniture, visited Lowe’s multiple times, painted the tiny room underneath the stairs (that took a lot longer than you would think), moved a little bit of furniture around, and…watched the Hills finale.

Tomorrow will be a full day too: doctor’s appointment, paint the little boys’ room, paint the trim under the stairs, and hang out a little with a friend and her kids tomorrow night.

Oh, and get ready for a garage sale on Saturday! That’s right folks – if you know me in real life and in the mood for some junk beautiful treasures, then come on by on Saturday morning – everything must go (because Mike is demanding politely asking for his garage space back)!

I find it really amazing how much can be accomplished if you know you only have a limited amount of time to get ‘er done.

I also find it really amazing how much I miss the boys.

Really a lot.

But oh, it would be horrible if they were here with the construction – the bigs would be asking the workers a million questions, Riggs would be into everything and covered in drywall dust, and Em, well, he probably wouldn’t even notice. But he would be stuck with a purple room, because I certainly wouldn’t be painting his room if the kids were here.

Thank you so much mom and dad! Y’all are the best!

And also thank you to Mike’s mom and dad for a great vacay last week!

Ok, wow, this is getting looonngg. I was going to share a project but I think I’ll wait til tomorrow next time.

Cheers y’all!


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hey y’all – long time no post…again

Good night, its just really hard to keep up with this blogging in the summertime, isn’t it?

Although I don’t know how that really applies to me, since none of my kids are in school yet.


Another project, yes?

oops, he’s still a work in progress :). Can you believe he’s almost 1 year old?

I finally tackled the mantle! Umm, actually I did this a couple of months ago, but whatevs.


Here’s the how-to:

  1. Pick a night when you don’t feel like painting furniture outside due to extreme heat/humidity/bugginess
  2. Open up the windows in the living room – remember to ventilate!
  3. Slap on a coat of no-sand latex primer
  4. Sand lightly
  5. Add 3 coats of olympic premium no-voc white paint (I can’t remember if we used semi-gloss or satin), sanding after each coat
  6. After the last coat, sand more to add a little character
  7. Then apply 3 coats of safecoat acrylac, sanding after each coat
  8. Wait a few days before setting anything on top of the mantle

Now, what I wish we would have done but didn’t is to really sand the mantle first – I don’t care if the primer says no-sand, I think it always pays to sand, and when we do the kitchen cabinets we will definitely sand first to let the primer adhere more to the wood. That being said, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Oooh, and notice the big wooden H thing on the mantle – that was my mother’s day present. My guy did really good this year!

Whadya think?


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i may have a sickness

…that compells me to rearrange furniture.

Mike’s been working late lately so I’ve been moving some stuff around, as I am wont to do. Currently I’m in the process of moving the big boys back downstairs to the little boys’ old room, the little boys out of the green room to the office, the office to the guest room upstairs, the guest room to the master bedroom, the master bedroom to the playroom upstairs, and the playroom to the green room.

Ok wow, when I type it out like that, its sounds like a lot.

Here’s how I see it – we’ve been living in this house for what 7-8 months or so? It can take a while to figure out the best layout for a house, so in my mind its natural that you’d have to move stuff around.

I’m not sure Mike shares this opinion. In fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.

But I’ve promised that THIS will be the last room moves for a long time. And I mean it.

Ugh, still having problems with the camera/computer thing. Maybe if Mike and I can be in the same place at the same time at some point in the future, we can get the kinks worked out.

Because really, have y’all even seen pictures of the little boys in the green room, the big boys upstairs, the chalkboard wall (oh yes, I went for it), more cabinet doors removed in the kitchen, the new and improved nondining room, the furniture I’ve refinished, and the mantle?

And what about the boys? They just get cuter every day if I do say so myself.

Soon we’ll get all caught up.


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my home to-do list

I think I may have posted a version of this post in Febuary, but since its changed a bit, I’m posting it again. And since I’m still ahead on the 365 pics so how about a non-pic post for once? Here’s the list:

  • paint the kitchen cabinets – we’ve decided on a distressed white
  • replace the kitchen countertops and sink – i had a dream last night that the plastic part of the countertop just peeled off like contact paper, and that the wood was gorgeous underneath. Ah, dreams
  • replace kitchen appliances
  • convert the dining room into a library??? Ok this is up in the air now. Mike is open to possibly knocking down a wall in the kitchen to open it up to the dining room, and if we do that, the whole space will be den, eating area and kitchen. I still need him to make me some bookshelves though 🙂
  • convert the laundry room into a mud room by removing a wall of cabinets and creating bench seats with storage underneath and a wall of hooks to hang jackets, backpacks, what have you
  • convince mike to cut transom windows above bedroom windows – this? will probalby never happen
  • install crown moulding
  • paint upstairs – consider installing beadboard paneling in playroom
  • replace outdated light fixtures as funding allows
  • refinish a bunch of furniture from my grandfather’s house (which also means getting a bunch of furniture from up there in Mississippi down to Florida)
  • screen in the pool and install a heater so that we can use it longer (this is obviously not a DIY project)
  • paint file cabinets, boys’ dresser, mantle and pew white
  • chalkboard wall? – still considering that

Man, I’m tired just looking at this!


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Finally, we’re at the end of the inside of the house. I forgot about the master bath:

{looking in}

{looking to the left – 2 closets and the shower}

{inside my closet – where I keep clothes and the never-ending give-away pile}

{the cave double shower}

{the jacuzzi tub and bookshelves – what, don’t you have bookshelves in your bathroom?}

{double sink and more cabinets}

{ok, these are the last cabinets – floor to ceiling ones inside the toilet room}

{my sign still hasn’t found a home that is suitable for Mike}

Oh how I wish we could retile in here. That shower seriously is a cave – and yet a double shower is something that Mike and I have always wanted, and (tmi! tmi!) we take advantage of it all the time. The shower just has the same problem that the rest of the first floor of the house has, a lack of natural light. I’m not sure what we could do to fix that, but I’m thinking on it :).

Also the poor jacuzzi – the jets have something going on inside the pipes – whenever you turn on the jets, black flakes come out. Needless to say, we don’t use the jets, which kind of defeats the purpose of the jacuzzi. I just asked Mike and he said he put some bleach in there, but we haven’t tried to run them since then. Anyway, boo.

There are a lot of positives about this space though: first of all it is big, and I do like my big spaces. I also like having my own closet – my husband is not a huge fan of my giveaway pile interfering with his being able to access his clothes. And although I make fun of the vast amount of cabinets in our house, I do like having a place to put medicine, extra toilet paper, etc.  That has been an issue at every house we’ve lived in till this one. What else – everyone always makes a big deal about having the two sinks, but honestly we don’t ever use our second sink. I guess Mike and I don’t ever really end up brushing our teeth at the same time, and I don’t wear makeup or anything so I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror (just a long time in the shower). 

So I think that’s it! We’ve been through the whole house finally! We do have a screened in porch, but I think I’ll leave that for when we do the exterior. And that would be later…much later.


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ugh, today has not been the greatest. I don’t know if any of y’all whose husbands work regular jobs can relate to this, but I’m betting that my fellow military wives can: sometimes its a big adjustment when you go from really not seeing your husband in a while to seeing him all day long :).

My poor Mike – he has been working so hard, and we just haven’t had any time to connect lately. And like I told him a few nights ago (on the phone, not in person of course), it is pretty dangerous for him to leave me alone here at night: I have all the time in the world to think up new house projects. He agrees.

So of course when he is home and awake for any length of time (say more than 2 hours) I start in with my ideas on what we can do around the house. After all, its what I think about when he’s not here. But he doesn’t want to hear it – all he hears when I mention the house is dollar signs. So then we both get frustrated.


Oh well, we’ll get over ourselves here. And guess what? While he is totally opposed to doing anything with the fireplace other than me painting the mantle, he is very surprisingly open to perhaps changing the floorplan in the kitchen. When we finally get around to doing the kitchen.

In the meantime, lets power through and finish up the house tour.

the guest room upstairs or, as we refer to it as, my mom’s room:

{as you look in the door – another alcove}

{this used to be our bed}

{the bathroom: big shower, toilet, and walk-in closet; ignore the burnt out light}

{always with more cabinets – there’s a matching one in the bathroom, but it comes down from the ceiling…its almost as if they’re really one unit}

Obviously we haven’t spent as much time decorating upstairs as downstairs. We’ll get around to it eventually. Right now mom’s room is pretty Americana. Can you believe that our first house was all kind of decorated like that? Believe it baby! These are the last vestiges of that theme. I can still handle a little of the primitive and Americana look in my house, and I can certainly appreciate it in other people’s houses, but I like to think I’ve kind of come into my own more eclectic style as I’ve gotten older.

Only one more room to go!

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