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are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!

Just opened a letter from Tricare today. They have denied coverage for Emmett’s enteral food and medical supplies because he doesn’t have a specific diagnosis and because apparently they think he’s under one year old. Heck, they’re only 7 months off. And I’m not sure why feeding aversion doesn’t count as a diagnosis.

So either the insurance company are a bunch of morons and/or poopheads, or the pediatrician didn’t fill out the paperwork right. Something tells me that all of the above are probably true.

Of course to fix this problem, written appeals will have to be filed. And then they have to consider that appeal. In the meantime, the bill for Emmett’s feeding supplies and food (because he is now losing weight on the superconcentrated infant formula he’s been on, the one that we’ve just been paying out of pocket for) for one month is approximately $900.


In other weekend news, Sawyer, Silas and I spent last night at the ER. Poor Sawyer slammed the (really heavy) toilet seat and lid on his penis right before bed last night, instantly causing bleeding and a scary amount of bruising. The ER gave him some tylenol for the pain, but wouldn’t let us leave until he peed. Which took a long time. But finally he did, and they let us go, with instructions to come back right away if the, ahem, area started swelling at all, or if he couldn’t pee. Either way, we have to go see the urologist first thing on Monday morning. Poor Sawyer. His poor privates look like they really hurt. He can’t even wear underwear. However, we know he can still pee, because he peed all over our brand new mattress last night in his sleep.

On the bright side, Mike doesn’t have to work today, and we’re getting a lot done at the house. Thank God (once again) for my mom. Not only did her being here mean that I didn’t have to bring all 4 kids to the hospital last night (because Mike was working then), but she’s also unpacked our kitchen, which has got to be my least favorite room to unpack.

Also on the positive side, I ran into a friend of mine yesterday at the kids’ school’s fall festival (Hi Ashley!). And the boys got to eat candied apples. And a families from our church brought us yummy dinners twice this week – which meant that we got a break from sandwiches or eating out.

Last but weirdest: today the doorbell rings. I answer the door to find a lady standing there who tells me that she knows this is weird but she used to live at this house before the lady we bought it from, and that lady had sold her all of the curtains, but there is one on the window facing the stairs that she didn’t get. But she paid for it, and she would like to have it. Now I have absolutely no problem letting her have it, because I’m sure she’s telling the truth, and I don’t like the curtain pattern anyway. But we have no way to get up there – you’d need an extension ladder. And we don’t have one. And neither does she. So I’m not sure when she’ll get her curtain, but to me the best part of the visit was when she saw the hardwood floors we just put in and said – well, I guess the carpet wasn’t good enough for you. I felt like I was in an episode of Moving Up (does that still come on?). Not that its any of her business, but we have 4 kids, and 2 cats and 1 dog, and white carpet in the living room wasn’t going to work for us. I think that she’s a little mad that we bought the house – she told me that her and her husband built this house, then sold it to the lady we bought it from, but now have their house on the market, and if it had sold before this one, they wanted to buy this one back.

But she can’t have it. All of our stuff is in it now :). And we have our uppity wood floors in and everything already.

In her defense, she did tell us she hoped we would be very happy here. And I don’t think she was being sarcastic.

Will y’all please pray for Sawyer and his privates?



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lame and also yay!!

lame: umm, my trying to post on a daily basis. Its not a lame idea, but my execution of said idea is LAME.

yay: I have internet access again! And – our household goods should be delivered tomorrow! I say should instead of will because they were supposed to be here today, but sadly were not. No matter, our unaccompanied baggage (to all y’all military folks) arrived today, and its taken ALL DAY LONG to just sort through that 800 pounds of stuff. I can’t imagine how long 10,000 pounds will take.

I’ll try to post tomorrow, but lets be honest people: it probably won’t happen.

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silly girls…

…I’m ALREADY on the happy pills. Although apparently not on a very effective dose, hey?

Seriously, I started on Zoloft the day after I had Silas, after being continously advised to by every single practitioner in the OB clinic. Mike and I had agreed that although I was on a really low dose (50mg), that we both felt like I was doing ok, and didn’t need to go up to 100mg like the docs recommended.

I started the 100mg dose last night. And although its clear that my main problem is crazy-insane-over-the-top anxiety, anxiety that I really struggle with every. single. day, and zoloft isn’t the best for anxiety, it is clearly the safest for a breastfeeding mama. After I’m done breastfeeding, I’ll look into something that works better.

For today, after worrying a couple of hours this morning about something that happened 2 years ago that might affect my health in the future but cannot be changed now, I have decided that I am done with this bullpoop (until the next time the monkey on my back gets the better of me).

Today I choose to enjoy my life, the life that I dearly love.

Tonight our friends are throwing us a goodbye party – already there is a boucy castle on the common green outside our house just waiting to be inflated and filled with all of our children. There is a lot of meat sitting in my fridge that a friend dropped off yesterday (because everyone knows I always have room in my fridge). There is margarita mix stored in another friend’s freezer. There is cold beer on the way.

And I WILL NOT LET THE KRAZY DESTROY MY NIGHT! I will let the Lord who loves me take care of everything.

Wish you were all here!


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I thought I’d give this whole blog another try.  I guess it’s been a little while since my last effort so I could write all sorts of stuff. First off, here are some of the things that I (Mike) will and won’t miss about life in the UK.

Good Riddance…

Mazda vans that burn oil…winters where you don’t see the sun for weeks at a time…English pop radio…AFN commercials…6 hour time difference to call Grandparents…roads that try to kill you at least once a week…cold rainy days…getting mail/buying gas/groceries at the base…restaurants with no place for kids…

Wish we could…

Go to London for a show/museum/shopping…hang out with our friends…have another summer in Redman Close…fly low level in the Highlands…drink good beer…go to the Continent with family to see the sights…stay in such a tight knit squadron…take my wife back to Paris…take the kids on the train whenever I want…go to the Park-n-Ride to Cambridge…

Feel free to let me know what you love about the UK.  Maybe Lauren will put her fav’s up here (BBC anything is not one of mine).  The biggest thing I will miss is the supportive (base) community here.  We never would have survived the last year and all the challenges without everyone at the squadron/group, my commander(s), and all the wives who care so much (I’ll write a post about Grandmas later).  If I don’t get to you before we leave, thanks.

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nothing really to write about…

I started running yesterday.

This is going to be hard 🙂

I took all four kids today to the gym on base – they have a parent/child workout room (oh, how I wish this had been here the whole time we’ve been here) – and they did fabulous. Umm, until the locker room after, where all 4 of them were crying at the same time. Good times – Silas was hungry, Emmett had a poopy diaper, Noah and Sawyer were arguing about the water fountain. On the whole though, I couldn’t have asked for better behavior while I was working out.

Do y’all want a glimpse into my exciting life? Ok, here’s what’s on tap for tomorrow:  Emmett has a peds appointment in the morning, then I’ll drop him off at the childminders (oh Tracy, how I will miss you in America) and take the other 3 to the gym, then to the BX to shop for birthday presents for some of the boys’ friends, then grab lunch and go grocery shopping. After that we’ll head home to unload the groceries, then head back to base to pick Emmett up and (if the boys are good all day and Emmett and Silas are cooperating) see Ice Age 3 at the movie theater for one of the birthday girls.

See? I told you I had nothing really to write about.


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2 more weeks!!!

I can’t believe that in 2 weeks we’ll be on our way to Heathrow to get on the plane to America!

I really think this move is going to eventually hit us like a brick – we’ve totally been concentrating on the positive aspects on it with the kids – I don’t think they’ve really thought at all about the fact that they are leaving their friends. I myself try not to think about that part at all either…and when I do I try to make myself believe that in 1 or 2 years, most to all of those people should be coming to where we’re going.

Right? RIGHT?!?!

Anyway, on tap for this weekend…last night Noah and Sawyer had Smart Start (a base program where they introduce 3-5 year olds to one sport per week – last night was baseball) and then had dinner at the pizza place with friends. Today mike will be steam cleaning carpets, while I make a trip to the store for milk and supplies for tonight. Tonight we have cocktail club – we’ll be bringing Appletinis if you’re interested. Tomorrow I’d like to go to Cambridge to the market one last time to get some typeset letters to spell Silas’ name for this thing we hang in our foyer (I had already purchased the letters to spell Moses, but obviously that won’t work anymore).  I’m not sure if we’ll make it to church, although we typically go to the evening service at the base chapel.

aaaannnddd….that’s our exciting schedule. Anyone doing anything super fun this weekend?

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on a lighter note…

…its only 17 days until we move!!!

I have such mixed feelings about moving back to the States (unlike when we moved over here, when I was not excited or happy in any way, shape or form). I am going to miss our friends so much, as well as the closeness of our squadron. I am going to miss our neighborhood, which is full of friends and children for my kids to play with. I am going to miss the base hospital, where everyone knows Emmett. I am going to even miss Addenbrookes, where the pediatric staff, both inpatient and outpatient, welcome us like old friends everytime we show up for an appointment or a surgery.

I will NOT miss the winters here. Or the food. Or the drive to the base. Or the commissary. Or the roads.

I AM excited to return to Florida – we have friends there too! Florida also has the beach! And lots of sushi! And sunshine in the winter! And a house to pick out!

Y’all, I can’t wait to start househunting! For the first time, we are looking for a house that we plan on keeping for a while, not just rent or plan to sell in a couple of years. We have about 15 that we’re looking at online, and I’m hoping that one of those will work out.

Of course, before we get to start househunting, we have to survive the plane flight over the ocean.

Oh, and we still have one of our cats here. Mike took Kodi and Mousa to my parents house in May, but Ernie wouldn’t have done well there long term, and Mike could only take 2 at a time, so now we’re trying to figure out how to get Ernie back to the States without spending an arm and a leg. Stupid Delta Airlines (whom the military has booked our tickets with, because they’re the cheapest way to get to where we’re going) won’t let you take pets in the cabin or as checked baggage from the UK to the States. The estimate for shipping him as cargo – approximately $1100. Have I mentioned that Ernie weighs about 9 pounds? And has been known to occasionally poop and pee in our house? And is scared of the children? So that now he is an almost exclusively outside cat, by his own choice? And that it only cost about $400 altogether to take Mousa (18 pounds) and Kodi (50 pounds) back to America on United Airlines as excess baggage? Ugh. Does anyone in England want a small orange cat with extra toes?

Lets see, what else is going on? Silas is not feeling well – he is really congested, although not running a fever yet. And hopefully he won’t, because of course that would entail a trip to the ER since he’s under 3 months. And bless his heart, he seems a bit miserable with his snuffling and coughing. And a lot miserable when I have to suck goo out of his nose. And Noah and Sawyer are bored crazy, since all of their friends are in school and they have only themselves to play with. Emmett is at the childminders, probably not napping.

Two last things…

  • I ordered a baby blanket for Silas at our bazaar back in early May. I STILL do not have this blanket. This does not please me, and I hate hate hate confrontation, but am I right that this is pretty ridiculous? It has been over 3 MONTHS!
  • Here’s an idea I’m going to throw out there in the hopes that since I’ve put it out to the internets, I’ll have to make it happen somehow: I’m going to try to run a half-marathon in February (assuming thats when Pensacola will have its half-marathon). I need a fitness goal to help me get my patootie in gear and lose 50 pounds of baby weight by next summer. I am so not kidding. 50 pounds. Of course I can’t start training for this until I can go running with no more than 2 kids at a time (and Silas isn’t really old enough to run with yet anyway) since we only have the one double jogging stroller. But that’s the plan. Am I crazy? Or will the running help keep me sane?


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