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Love this

This is the best post I’ve read all week and would certainly rank on a top 100 posts of all time list:

Check it out here and then get back to me.

Have you read it yet?

I relate to this one on so many levels – the soul-sucking activity that is making pack lunch, the coupons that Mike claims he never gets to use, and on and on.

Love it.


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you might wanna check this out

As I think I’ve mentioned before, we try to eat as organic as possible around here. Its gotten a little harder since we’ve moved back to America, since we don’t have the outdoor markets within walking distance of our house, and the supermarkets here just don’t have the variety of organic produce that Tesco and Waitrose had, but still 🙂

Here’s a link to a blog post about the most important fruits and veggies to buy organically (the ones that absorb the most pesticides). Its short and sweet, so click on over!


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first things first

Do you follow laurie’s blog? Of course you do, and so you already know that she and a friend have launched a business:


But just in case you haven’t heard…well, laurie and jena have started a business (because evidently all of their kids and an upcoming internship and residency for laurie don’t keep them busy enough)!

And they are having a giveaway to start things off with a bang! So go check out this post and this website! I’m also adding the skinnykidz button to the sidebar because they are committed to giving a hefty portion of their profits to charitable causes.

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weekend wrap up

Big news – Emmett busted out of the hospital today! They wanted to keep him in for the whole ativan wean, but that is going to take another couple of weeks, and there is no way…and I mean NO WAY that was happening.

He’s still really jittery – I haven’t really seen any improvement with that, and you can definitely tell when its time for the next ativan dose, but that kid took about a 2 hour nap after we got home – probably the longest nap he has ever taken. I think he was happy to be back in his own bed 🙂 (of course he’s awake now, at 10pm, but whatever).

As Mike said in the last post, yesterday was Sawyer’s birthday. 4 years old! Since he doesn’t really have any friends here yet, we went with the family birthday party, and thank goodness, because we would have had to cancel the party with all of the Emmett drama. But I think he still had a good weekend – I even heard him say today that this was the best day EVAH!

I’ll share the details of his big weekend tomorrow – I just don’t feel like downloading pics from the camera tonight.

Thank y’all so much for all the prayers and well wishes. We are so happy to all be together again, and hoping that Emmett will be back to his normal self within the next few weeks.


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Snow Angel

Snow Angel

This is from the trip to Madison a while back.  Apparently, Noah really liked the snow.

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{ok, seriously? How adorable is that?}

Its really hard to see with the black and white, but check out the top of the boys’ heads. Why? Well, we were playing a game where I try to make them smile, and they try to keep a straight face. So I told them to go get their giggles out. They dashed out of the room, only to come back minutes later with wet hair. So I ran for the camera, but they were being total wiggleworms – I couldn’t get a clear shot. Finally, I told them to give each other a kiss, and wha-la – a moment of stillness!

This reminds me: sometimes we’ll ask the boys who they want to marry when they grow up. Lately Noah says that he doesn’t know (so practical sometimes, that boy). Sawyer, on the other hand, has his mind made up: every time, he says he wants to marry Noah.

So wrong, but so sweet (although in the next breath he’ll tell Noah that he is not his friend and that he’s never playing with him again. EVAH!)


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Best commercial I saw during the Super Bowl? The Parisian Love Google Ad, hands down. I cried a little. It may be the most charming commercial I’ve ever seen.

I was going to do pics of the hallway today, but we can’t find the camera battery recharger, and i’m afraid i used the last of the camera’s batteries today, before i downloaded today’s pics into the computer.

So here’s something else instead, from a couple of days ago:

{valentine’s treats – they lasted about 10 seconds in this house}

{noah, sporting the mullet}

{sawyer only does his rock star faces for the camera anymore}

have a great night, y’all

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