the best news!!

Today has been a great day! I mean, except for the sick kids and whining and crying parts. We’ve all been fighting colds over here – boo! I spent all day Saturday in bed wondering if a head could actually explode from sinus pressure.

ANYWAY, this post isn’t about the back-to-school- crud.

This morning, Mike, I, a school district representative, and Emmett’s early steps coordinator had Emmett’s transitional meeting. This is something kids with special needs have about 6 months before they turn 3 and enter the school system.

And guess what?

You’ll never guess (unless you’re friends with me on facebook) so I’ll just tell you.

The county is going to let Emmett start school in OCTOBER!!!!!!

Can I get a praise Jesus?

Seriously – Mike and I were just talking last night about how I was soooo sick of being the bad guy all day every day with Emmett – I won’t let him keep his hands in his mouth all day, I won’t let him bang his head on the tile, I won’t let him scratch himself into an infection, I change his poopy diapers, I clean his g-tube site, I brush his teeth and so on (Mike does all these things too, but not while he’s at work…that would be difficult).

I know, I am a monster. But it feels like our whole day is just filled with all of these negative interactions and it just weighs. me. down. And I totally didn’t know how I was going to hold out til the end of March, when Emmett turns 3.

So really, this is a total answer to prayer!

He will be going full days 5 days a week – riding the bus to a school about 25 miles away from us. There is a closer school that he could attend, but this one really focuses on mobility, which is one of our top 3 goals for Emmett, because let me tell you, that kid is getting heavy.

And I think that after the first couple of weeks (which he will spend folded over like a taco, pretending he can’t crawl or sit, screaming his head off for hours at a time) he will love it.

And I think that we might actually be able to enjoy some quality time together, since I’ll feel like someone else is responsible for his behavioral issues in addition to me.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

For Reals.

{me on an hourly basis: Emmy for the love will you PLEASE GET THAT HAND OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?!?!}



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5 responses to “the best news!!

  1. Katherine

    That is INCREDIBLE news. And really, it never happens that way so what a blessing indeed!

  2. hang

    Awesome news!!! So happy for you guys!!!

  3. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!

  4. Christina

    I can just hear the relief in this post. I am so glad you are getting some back-up. And I’ll be praying that Emmy makes the transition better than you expect!

  5. Beth

    Woo Hoo! What great news!! That is so good to hear. I’ve been thinking about you a lot, wondering how things are going in your neck of NW Florida.
    What are you up to this weekend?

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