so much to say…

Whoa y’all…I have been one busy chicken lately!

Last week we flew up to Iowa to visit Mike’s family. We had a great time, and the trip has me wishing we lived on a farm. Seriously. Northwest Iowa in the summer will do that to you. I’m pretty sure I’d be singing a different tune if we visited in January.

And I’m also thinking that the Gulf oil crisis hitting our beloved beaches has a bit to do with my daydreams. Boo.


When we flew back into Mississippi, Mike and I hopped in the car and headed home. That’s right, JUST Mike and me!

Well, just Mike and me and Kodi and Mousa and my parents’ dogs, Bruiser and Fraggle.

But the point is that there were no kids in the car! My mom and dad have graciously agreed to watch them while our kitchen renovation takes place.

And that’s now, baby! The demolition started Monday, and we’re hoping that everything will be done early next week.

Because construction is messy! And dusty! And today they took our countertops and sink away!

It will be totally worth it in the end – I can’t wait to share the final product with y’all (and see it for myself!).

But don’t y’all think that I’m sitting on the couch watching the Hills finale while my mom slaves away with the kids. I have been working my patootie off!

Let’s see…so far I’ve had a visit from the sherriff’s dept (courtesy of our nasty next-door neighbor), finished refinishing 6 pieces of furniture, visited Lowe’s multiple times, painted the tiny room underneath the stairs (that took a lot longer than you would think), moved a little bit of furniture around, and…watched the Hills finale.

Tomorrow will be a full day too: doctor’s appointment, paint the little boys’ room, paint the trim under the stairs, and hang out a little with a friend and her kids tomorrow night.

Oh, and get ready for a garage sale on Saturday! That’s right folks – if you know me in real life and in the mood for some junk beautiful treasures, then come on by on Saturday morning – everything must go (because Mike is demanding politely asking for his garage space back)!

I find it really amazing how much can be accomplished if you know you only have a limited amount of time to get ‘er done.

I also find it really amazing how much I miss the boys.

Really a lot.

But oh, it would be horrible if they were here with the construction – the bigs would be asking the workers a million questions, Riggs would be into everything and covered in drywall dust, and Em, well, he probably wouldn’t even notice. But he would be stuck with a purple room, because I certainly wouldn’t be painting his room if the kids were here.

Thank you so much mom and dad! Y’all are the best!

And also thank you to Mike’s mom and dad for a great vacay last week!

Ok, wow, this is getting looonngg. I was going to share a project but I think I’ll wait til tomorrow next time.

Cheers y’all!



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2 responses to “so much to say…

  1. Sarah

    If Mike has finally gotten his way, and the candy machine is for sale…..DO NOT SELL IT!!!! I will buy it as soon as I get there. What else are you selling? Anything I used to want? LOL

  2. E.

    Wait, you’re going to leave us hanging about the cops showing up at your door???? Don’t you just LOVE next door neighbors? I know I totally over-reacted about ours. Guess the moving had me all stressed.

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