Its only been a week this time!

*overheard during quiet time today: the boys playing “oil spill” with their playmobil guys. So sad

Thanks for the comments on the chalkboard, y’all! I LOVE the way it turned out…sometimes I just sit there and gaze upon our big black wall…sigh.

And I’m back with another project…this one much more subtle, I promise!

It started with a trip to the seashell souvenir store. They sell their imperfect seashells for 88 cents apiece! So Sawyer and I picked out a few to bring home.

Then the bigs and I painted them with acrylics (in beachy colors) and took them outside to spray on a coat of poly

Ok, maybe we picked out more than a few.

After they dried, I brought them back inside and put them up in all the transoms in the house

I don’t know if anyone who comes to our house even notices them…but I notice, and they make me smile. Plus the bigs got a kick out of getting to help with a project – it kept them happily occupied during the witching hours (4-6pm at our house). And that really makes me smile



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5 responses to “Its only been a week this time!

  1. hang

    love it, you are so creative … we need to plan a vacation soon.

  2. So fun! Now, when you talk Mike into adding more transoms, you’ll have to go back to the sea shell store. 🙂 Every house I look at that has transoms reminds me of you!

  3. Beth

    How cute! I love it! By the way, do you still have that dresser?

  4. Jenna

    I wish I knew you needed seashells….I have hundreds of “perfect ones”. We go to Sanibel Island in the winter and there are millions!!!!!!!!!

  5. lauren

    1 – Hang, yes, we totally need to plan another joint vacay – you know I’m all about tagging along on your plans!
    2. Hols, I can’t wait to see you soon – I promise I will rsvp for the reunion tomorrow!
    3. Beth – long time no see lady. This does not please me. We still have the dresser, till this weekend anyway!
    4. Oh Jenna, that’s so sweet! And how jealous am I that y’all have a regular vacation spot? That is awesome

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