i know, i know

…I’ve been absolutely HORRIBLE about blogging lately.

I’m sorry.

No really, I am.

And I have no good excuse either – we’ve been busy but what else is new.

But I’m back!

And I’m ready to share some projects!

Remember the kitchen?

Well…a while back Mike went out of town, and I got a little bored. I wouldn’t say he was thrilled when he got home, but, because he’s such a fabulous husband, he didn’t make me change it back.

I haven’t let the kids draw on it yet – I’m just loving the blankness that is the clean chalkboard wall. Yes I did it. But I did take into account all the warnings. To avoid the dust, I’m planning on only using chalkboard markers.

When I break down and finally let the kids draw on it, that is.

Not that you would ever want to do a chalkboard wall, but iffin you did, here’s how I did it:

  1. first I taped with frog tape (the green gap at the top will be covered by crown moulding…eventually)
  2. then I did 3 coats of magnetic primer (from lowes)
  3. followed by 2 coats of chalkboard paint (also from lowes)

easy peasy lemon squeezey!

So do you like it or hate it – I’m pretty sure its gotta be one or the other?



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6 responses to “i know, i know

  1. Michelle

    You are so funny….I think my kids would drive me absolutely CRAZY till I gave in and let them draw on it…I mean what else is the point of a giant chalkboard???? 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Love it!! Can’t wait to see it! Why don’t you use it as a giant guestbook, and let people sign it as they visit? I did that to my bathroom in college with sharpie. Not the brightest idea, but oh so fun!

  3. Holly

    Love it! Maybe your kids don’t even know they could write on it? 🙂 If (crossing fingers) we get the house we just put an offer on, it has a play house for Mally and I want to paint at least one wall of it with the chalkboard paint. Did it take so many coats because it was green to start with?

  4. Actually, I really like it, even though I know what kinds of trouble the boys (yours or mine!) could get into with the “it’s okay to write on the wall” ideas. It would save us a lot of paper, since our little one LOVES to draw. 🙂

  5. Beth

    I love it!! What a great idea! I would never have the courage to do the whole wall…but I know the boys are going to have fun. I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  6. E.

    If you had just told us what you’d done I would have thought, “Eww, that can’t look good.” But? I think it looks fantastic! I wouldn’t be brave enough to do a whole wall in black, but I really do love it! And your baby gate in that last picture? We got one just like it after we moved (for the dogs, of course), and I love that, too!

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