man oh man

sorry for the absence folks – we’ve got numerous sick kiddos here: 4 with colds, 2 with fevers, 1 with an ear infection.

Poor Riggs – he’s caught the brunt of this awful cold: he’s the one with the ear infection. Oh and the diaper rash from hell. He doesn’t feel like drinking, he doesn’t feel like eating, he doesn’t feel like doing much of anything. Except crying – he does feel like that 😦 .

But he started antibiotics tonight, so hopefully he’ll be feeling better in a couple of days (although I fear the diaper rash may get worse if the drugs give him cha-chas).

I promise that we’ll get back to blogging about more fun things…someday :). I have a bunch of pics on the camera that need to be loaded onto the computer – but I’ve just been wiped out.



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4 responses to “man oh man

  1. charityfaithrose

    hope everyone feels better soon!!!

  2. Sorry you’ve got sick kiddos! Have you tried Beaudreaux (sp?) Butt Paste for the diaper rash? Best stuff EVER. Target carries it. Just sayin’.

  3. Kimbra Duhn

    when my baby gets diaper rashes, i always use zinc oxide cream to treat it.-

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  4. Sung Mauceri

    Few things are actually more perfect than a baby’s soft, smooth skin. However, due to the fact that it is so delicate and tender, that sweet skin can be susceptible to diaper rash, a moderate inflammation of the skin that induces redness about the diaper area.The majority of instances of diaper rash are triggered by too much dampness and friction. While diaper rashes are usually not serious, they do create unpleasantness for your child. Presently there are a number of diaper rash remedies available for use in your home. Discover which ones work for your infant.Diaper rash often tends to develop in older kids, around 9 months and up. That’s when older babies urinate more, which saturates the diapers and makes the skin damp. Furthermore, older babies have started to consume solid foods, and the varied acids they generate in their urine may result in diaper rash.`

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