hey there

i haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just super busy. Busy with house projects! Can’t wait to show y’all, but it’ll have to. Mike has the laptop with him and I am left with the on-its-last-legs desktop. Which lives in the OFFICE. And not in the LIVING ROOM, where I prefer to work (snort) while watching quality television (you know, The Hills, 9 By Design, Real Housewives).

I know, I know. Life is SO HARD, RIGHT?

Plus I’m only in the middle of the projects – not at the end. I’m actually not sure why I started the third fourth project before finishing the previous three. Sometimes you just get a wild hair, I suppose.

Hopefully I’ll have at least some stuff done by Monday, so stay tuned (you know, all you handfull of loyal readers).


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  1. Holly

    I am awful at starting too many projects. Now that I am sewing, I have about 5 or 6 projects that are somewhere close to done, but NOT done. Ha! Everyone has a little ADD I think. 🙂

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