our weekend…and a (tiny) rant

{definitely not taken today – it has been cloudy and rainy all week here}

We’ve had a busy weekend…started on Friday afternoon with a squadron social at a local restaurant. The fun continued on Saturday with a trip to lowes and work on the house (plant planting and picture rearranging for me, programmable thermostat install and yardwork for Mike). Then today we had church, another trip to lowes (for more plants and a different programmable thermostat), and a party for a friend’s kid who had her first communion today.

Mixed in with all that was Emmett’s pediasure leaking out of his tubing and onto him and his bed two nights in a row. You know, there’s nothing that smells better than a pediasure soaked little boy and his pediasure soaked diaper.

I jest. Really there is not much that is more stomach turning, and I have seen A LOT of grossening things in my day.

If anyone out there has any ideas about how to 1)prevent Emmett from writhing around in his crib all night, which causes the medicine port on his tubing to pop open, releasing gobs of stinky vanilla-flavored grossness; 2)prevent poor emmett from crying so loud when he has to get his sopping wet clothes changed that he wakes up his deep-sleeping little brother, who then wants to party in the middle of the night; 3)interest Emmett in, I don’t know, ACTUALLY SLEEPING AT NIGHT, please let me know. Like ASAP, before we lose our minds.

Can you tell we’re a little frustrated with this leaking tubing/middle of the night bathing and sheet changing/no sleeping/pediasure stinkified situation?

Good, I’m glad I’ve made that clear.

*note: we have some melatonin, which we haven’t started yet because I have to find a way to grind the pills up small enough so that they won’t clog the g-tube. But Dr. Bedpan says melatonin is better at getting people to fall asleep, not stay asleep. And the staying asleep is the problem.



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4 responses to “our weekend…and a (tiny) rant

  1. christy

    They make time release melatonin.

  2. m

    One of the children this lady adopted is mentally handicapped and autistic. You could check with her about how she copes. She is a really nice lady. I think she lives close to you.


  3. Hi, I have never left a comment but I check your blog from time to time. I have adopted a boy from Vietnam as well. I’m an adult ICU nurse. If your son’s feeding tube is similar to what I work with, a little tape should do the trick. We use a narrow piece of tape to wrap around the medication/air port of feeding tubes. It usually will prevent leaking from the extra port. Scotch tape probably won’t work. I use bandage tape, you should be able to get it at any pharmacy. Please let me know if you have any questions. I totally agree, there is nothing worse than the smell of leaking tube feeding on bedding and bodies. Good Luck, Sara.

  4. Not that this is all that helpful, but there is liquid melatonin as well – that’s what we use. I got mine on amazon.com, they have a couple of choices and it’s pretty reasonably priced. It has helped us quite a bit, though as you said it’s more for the getting to sleep than staying asleep.

    Also, have you tried a weighted blanket? A mom who has a son who is autistic recommended one to us (we don’t have the autism, just generally horrid sleep issues) and as I’ve researched them many, many say they make a huge difference. We got one but don’t use it much – though I do think it helps calm my little one and keep her sleeping more calmly. I found ours from a gal on ebay, you can find some deals via Google. They recommend doing 10% of child’s body weight plus 1 lb. (we got a 4 lb. blanket), I spent a bit under $50 for one. Just a thought, goodness knows with all you have on your plate any little thing you can do to improve the sleep might help.

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