Sawyer’s weekend

Lets see…

{Saturday morning started with chocolate chip muffins – with candles of course}

{Then we moved on to the present: an oversized beanbag with his name on it}

I don’t have pictures of the rest of that day, but here’s what we did: went to Pensacola to shop a little and visit Emmett. Then we headed home to get ready for the big event – I took Noah and Sawyer to see How to Train Your Dragon. They LOVED it. And I thought it was really good too!

Sunday…first church and then…

{swimming with Berd}

{a little cupcake decorating – he requested a cake in the shape of a cross 🙂 }

{and finally a birthday dinner (turkey burgers from the grill, fries and watermelon) followed by candle blowing part two, cake and ice cream}

In case you ever read this someday, we love you so much Sawyer!


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