So today was my turn again at the hospital (my mom has gone the last two days while I took other kids to the doctor, went to the doctor myself, etc). Emmett was MUCH more alert than the last time I saw him. Happier no, but awake yes. And actually he does have periods of happiness, which happen to occur about one hour after he gets his Ativan, and end about two hours before he gets his next dose of Ativan. Our kid has a habit, what can I say?
Still no word on when he will be discharged…one doc told me today that he could go home after the Ativan wean was complete, but i sure hope that’s not right, because we’ve been told that can take a couple of weeks.
You know what I say to two more weeks in the hospital? No thank you (although the picu people have been fabulous).
We were really hoping that he would be home by tomorrow because it is sawyer’s birthday. Boo. I mean yay that its sawyer’s big day, but boo to us all not being together. So I’m not sure who’ll be doing hospital duty, but we’ll figure something out.
I’ll try to post some pics of our 4 year old (sniffle, sniffle) tomorrow!


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