another update

Yeah, I’m thinking mike’s video thing didn’t work out too well. He had to save it as a power point, there was no sound, it was taken with the webcam on the laptop so pretty fuzzy, etc. I’ve taken some of Em on the iphone, but we haven’t tried to upload those yet. Next time we’ll try u-tube.

Anyway, Emmett is doing ok. Today they are planning on moving him out of the picu onto the regular peds ward. Hooray! Then its just a matter of getting all of his medication switched from iv to through the g-tube, and getting him back on his normal nighttime feeding schedule. So the docs are thinking that by the end of the weekend, maybe he could be home!

And not a moment too soon. Our boy is sick and tired of this hospital sh!t frap. Ever since Monday, which is the day he started to wake up and they took him off of the ventilator, he has been alternating between crying and sleeping. He is far from happy, and who can blame him? We don’t have any fun in the hospital either.

Thank you so much for all the praying – keep it up if you will! Please pray that the rest of his recovery will be uneventful and smooth, and that he can finally go home within the next few days! It also wouldn’t hurt to pray for him to be a little more settled – he’s still having to get ativan for agitation several times daily (hey, maybe I could get some of that ativan stuff for when I get upset? No?).

Its hard to believe that this hospital stay has lasted 9 days already – that beats his heart surgery hospitalization by a couple of days!  We are all ready for things to get back to normal  – or what passes for normal around here anyway 🙂



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2 responses to “another update

  1. Christina

    Oh good news that he is getting better and hopefully getting close to going home… I can only imagine how tired ALL of you must be of the hospital thing by now. Poor Emmy – babies weren’t meant to lay in hospital beds. Praying for healing and a comfortable rest for Emmett in the meantime.

  2. I’m SO praying for a smooth course from here on out. Thinking about you guys and Emmett.

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