emmett update

Today has been pretty uneventful…my mom took a turn at the hospital today since we figured he’d still be out. The docs think he should wake up sometime tomorrow. Right now he’s breathing about half on his own, half on the ventilator.

We are really looking forward to seeing our little guy AWAKE  again!

I’ll leave you with a picture of our Stay-puff Marshmallow Emmy:

bless his heart – and his nurse said that this swelling wasn’t anything, sometimes the kids swell so much they can’t see their ears!



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2 responses to “emmett update

  1. Sarah

    Praying for you and wishing the best for your little guy. My son has seizures so I know it is tough. After a big one like this maybe it will be a month until he is back to himself. Be patient and seek answers to why this happened. Is his brain really smaller than normal or just his head is smaller than normal, and therefore his brain? I think there is a difference. Make sure they are using Asian growth charts or get your own off the internet. Asians are smaller.

    What you do not want is them sticking your son on an abundance of anti-seizure meds which will space him out for years to come. Accept what they say and the prescriptions for discharge, but, I would suggest seeking a second opinion very soon after you are discharged. The anti-seizure medications make it harder for the child to learn and develop. If you want, write to me privately and we can discuss. Thinking of sweet Emmett.

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