Emmett update

Ok sorry to keep y’all on the edge of your seats but last night when we got home we were exhausted.
Emmett had a pretty good day yesterday. By yesterday morning they had finally pumped him so full of antiseizure meds that his EEG waves closely resembled that of a dead person, which is I guess what the neuro guys were looking for.
So they sent him down for a ct of his head and then did a lumbar puncture. I know the ct was normal – not sure about the lp.
His blood pressure has been a little funky so they had to start decreasing the pentobarbital and versed that they were giving him. Things were uneventful overnight although he’s starting to build up a lot of secretions in his lungs so they are suctioning those out.
As of this morning they have been able to decrease the seizure meds a good bit and his EEG is showing some activity which is ok. He’s getting pretty wheezy so they’ve started some albuterol to help with that.
I think that if everything goes perfectly he could be off the ventilator tonight. But we all know that Emmett likes to keep us on our toes, right 🙂
Thank y’all so much for all of the prayers, well wishes, and offers to help, and actual help! We so much appreciate all the love coming our way – and make no mistake, it makes a difference!
Oh, and my mom was able to come down on Wednesday afternoon and mike was able to come home yesterday, so that’s another couple of things to be incredibly grateful for.
(you know what else is really nice when your kid is in a coma in the picu? The iPhone. And Internet access in the room)

If Emmett looks huge in this pic it’s because our poor little 22 pound boy has about 5 extra pounds of fluid making him look a bit like the pillsbury doughboy



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5 responses to “Emmett update

  1. Glad to hear that Emmett is heading in the right direction. Praying that he can get off of the vent tonight. I posted on FB for prayers for him and know that quite a few more are now praying for him. 🙂

  2. Beth

    I’m so relieved to hear he’s doing a bit better. Call me when you can.

  3. Ashley

    Glad he is doing better. Hope he is well and home soon! Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Call me if you need anything!

  4. Ha! You are so used to seeing him little. 🙂 I think he looks pretty normal with 5 extra pounds. Glad he is improving.

  5. Ah, you’re poor little guy. I’m so glad he’s doing better. I hope they’re able to take him off the vent soon. Your family is still in my thoughts.

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