{so cute i can’t even stand it}

We all want our kids to grow up to be independent. I have to push my boys to do things for themselves, because they prefer to have things done for them. And sometimes I get frustrated when they resist grabbing their own snacks, putting on their own clothes (ahem, Sawyer), going to different areas of the house alone, and so on. I tell them that we have 2 babies in our family that can’t do anything without help, so it would really help me out if they would show a little initiative (I don’t use the word initiative). They are not impressed with this argument. Whining (Noah) and crying (Sawyer) commence, followed by the stern voice (me) and occasional trips to the naughty chair.

This issue seems to intensify when Mike isn’t here. I have more on my plate, and less patience. They are extra sensitive and need more reassurance. It’s not a winning combination. Sometimes I find myself thinking that I can’t wait until they are bigger and can do more stuff.

So today, I needed this shot to remind me of this truth: I love them just the age that they are. I’m so not ready for them to be too old to sleep with their b’s or cuddle with each other…or with me. Each day that I get to enjoy with them is a blessing and not to be taken for granted because we will never get this time back.

And so just because I like hanging out with them, I let them stay up and watch AI with me, and we picked our top 3 and voted for the very first time! (fyi, we voted for Crystal – she’s my fave; Tim – usually horrible but I think he did great tonight; and Michael – his r&b, over-the-top singing is not my style, but I LOVED his In the Ghetto…I also really like Lee and Casey. And I cannot believe I am talking about American Idol here – curse you mom for sucking me in!)


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