{can we just get this naming thing over already? And why do I have on a birthday outfit? For the love, mama!}

Okay, I think this is what we’ve decided. A few days ago, Mike had told me he didn’t care if we changed Silas’ name as long as we changed Emmett’s first (his legal name is still Vinh Hoang Le, since we couldn’t change it till we moved back to the states, and…well, we just haven’t gotten around to it). But when I told him that I would like to look into changing his name, he starting singing a different tune, and has now decided that he, in fact, does not want to change his name. Hmph.

Which leaves us with the nickname option, because as I’ve said before, he’s not going to be called Si if I can help it. I know it’ll cause some confusion once he enters school, but as my mom reminded me today, I come from a long line of people who are called by names other than their legal names.  One of my grandfathers 11 siblings was called Dayball, and nobody even remembers his given name. Another brother is known as CN. Another as Buster (although maybe Buster was his real name). On my mom’s side, I might have mentioned that I have an uncle named William who everyone calls George (which is not his middle name either). My mom’s name is Margaret, but her family calls her Peggy. My brother’s name is Christopher, but we call him by his middle name, Todd. And these are just the people that I can remember off the top of my head.

So I think we’ll call him…(drum roll please)…Riggs. Its close to my maiden name, which I would have loved to use for one of the boys. And it suits him, I think.

Mike says he’ll still call him Silas. And I’ll probably call him Silas when he’s in trouble 🙂 . And of course when he’s old enough to know what his name is, he can decide what he wants us to call him. Sawyer currently prefers to be called Soy Sauce, for example.

So the naming drama ends…hopefully for good!



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8 responses to “365/98

  1. Sarah

    Wooo Hoooo!!!! I can’t wait for Bennett and Riggs to party like rock stars!!!

  2. Jeannie

    Is there supposed to be a picture here? I can’t seem to view it.

    I’m happy with Riggs…I actually didn’t realize that you hadn’t named one of the boys that (middle name). I’ve always loved that name.

    I love love love your blog…I look forward to the pictures of the boys (adorable!) and the house (beautiful and so cool!) all the time. Thanks for taking the time to post. I read every single one of them and it makes me not miss you so much. Love you!

  3. Berd

    S.R. was growing on me. I like Riggs even if it comes from your dad’s side. I think some people sometimes called Todd that.

  4. Berd

    Oh yeah, what a sad face. He must miss his Berd.

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time (since Vietnam), but I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a comment before. I had to come out of lurkdom for this post because I love the name Riggs for a first name. It’s actually my last name though, so I may be slightly biased!

    Mom to three from China (who was once considering a Vietnam adoption and found your site through Pho for Five)

  6. Holly Kymes

    Ok, I totally missed the part where you were looking into changing Silas’s name! I like Riggs. I think I like it better than Silas. Hmm…things to ponder.

  7. Beth

    So I was totally confused because I couldn’t figure out who Riggs was! Doesn’t one of the other boys have your maiden name as a middle name?? Or am I crazy?
    Riggs is cute. 🙂

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