{a scene I witness at least 20 times every day – Silas heading to the big boys’ room}

Since Holly asked what we’ve been eating so far this month…

April 1: homemade organic mac and cheese, organic steamed brocoli, mandarin oranges (Mike not home)

April 2: soft tacos made with ground turkey, organic cheese, tortillas, shredded lettuce, and chopped tomatos and onions, margaritaville tortilla chips, mandarin oranges

April 3: leftover tacos and mac and cheese, organic apples

April 4: we had potluck dinner after church, so more taco leftovers for dinner, although I think the boys had turkey wraps, oranges

April 5: Chicken noodle soup, turkey sandwiches, mandarin oranges (Mike not here)

April 6: Fish Sticks, organic carrot sticks with ranch, organic apples (Mike not here)

So there you are – very unexciting. Especially when Mike isn’t here, we tend to stick to the basics like sandwiches, soups, mac and cheese, along with fresh fruit and veggies. And actually, when Mike is here, things don’t get a whole lot more complicated :). We have pretty simple tastes I guess.



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3 responses to “365/95

  1. Holly Kymes

    If my husband would eat like that I could do dinner at home every day of my life. Too bad he has a subscription to Bon Appetit and a mom with a degree in culinary arts! He doesn’t even want to eat spaghetti! Well, I can’t complain too much. He ate mac n cheese with beans and okra last night. Gingerbread with low sodium bacon, scrambled eggs, grapes, and strawberries tonight. Yay! 2 nights home in a row is truly a miracle already. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Berd

    fish sticks!!!!!!! Ugh, I don’t do fish sticks

    • lauren

      Ha! You see what we are reduced to when you’re not here. Although after dinner, Noah came up to me and said “mama, thank you for fixing fish sticks for dinner.” Like I said, simple tastes.

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