Today I start a new feature I will be calling Mo-ren Moments. Like moron but with ren for my name, get it? Right – anyway, I’m pretty sure it could be a regular feature, because I do a lot of stupid things.

This Saturday I dragged the whole fam to Pensacola to go to the Old Navy $5 polo sale. Because I thought it might be nice for the big boys to wear something besides Star Wars t-shirts to church. And $5 is a good price. I made Mike come along because the limit was 5 shirts per customer, and this way we could get 10.

So we got there before it opened, and Silas and I watited in line along with about 60 other people for the doors to open while the bigger kids and Mike went to Best Buy. By being early, I was able to snag 10 shirts in the right size in different colors. Or so I thought.

When we got home I realized that although Noah wears a 7/8 in t-shirts, he only wears a 6/7 in Old Navy Polo shirts. We now have 10 shirts that will fit him in approximately 1-2 years.

Maybe we’ll delay this dressing up for church business for a while.

More cuteness from our backyard Easter shoot for y’all to enjoy:

these are the shirts that were supposed to be ready for the baptism. I’m so glad they still fit!


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One response to “365/94

  1. Sarah

    FYI, those polo’s shrink up pretty good!

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