Playing catch-up…

{My kitchen directly following a big grocery trip}

Several things here:

  • No idea why Sawyer is modeling that Febreeze
  • I usually don’t use plastic bags (we have reusable bags and if you don’t, please please get some!!!), but I have somehow misplaced my 20 or so reusable bags. Don’t worry, we recyle the plastic ones too, either by using them as garbage bags for the bathrooms or just by sticking them in the recycling bin.
  • There are more groceries hiding behind the wall

So I took all four kids with me to Walmart (oh I really don’t like Walmart but it is the cheapest option that’s close) to do a big grocery trip on Friday. Never again, my friends, never again.

Its not like I don’t do this all the time, but usually I don’t need quite so much stuff. And I don’t usually go on a holiday during spring break. And every time I take them all I say never again, but this time I really mean it.

When I take all four, this is how it goes: Noah walks (although he usually starts complaining about how tired his legs are after a couple of hours); Sawyer hops on and off of the cart at will (forcing me to constantly yank back on the cart so as not to run him down when he jumps off). Emmett rides in the main compartment (he likes playing with the food and doesn’t stick anything in his mouth) and Silas rides in the seat. This setup works for about 30 minutes. Then we run out of room in the main part of the cart, and since Silas is by now crying to be held, I move Em to the seat and carry Silas. Which is fine, except that Silas currently weighs about 23 pounds. That gets heavy after a while when you’re also trying to push a  very full cart with one hand.

We were at Walmart for 2 1/2 hours, folks. I didn’t think we were going to make it.

But we did finally get home…and then had to unload everything. And then I laid on the couch for quiet time, unable to get up for 2 hours.

Never again.

I hate to go to the store while Mike is at home, because I’d rather spend that time hanging out with him, but from now on I either go on big grocery trips while Mike watches the kids, or I ask our pastors wife and daughter to come over and watch them while I go (she offered at church on Sunday even before I told her this story – she has four closely spaced kids too, so she gets it, but hers are older now).

At least until Noah is old enough to push a cart  full of children or groceries without mowing innocent customers down.


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  1. I can so relate! Even though my oldest two are older and can push an extra cart for me, taking all five to the grocery store is an exhausting experience.

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