365/90 and April’s resolution

I’m gonna try to upload this picture from my phone…never done this before…here goes:

{there – that wasn’t hard! can y’all read that?}

I saw this on our way to therapy today, and I just had to take a picture. Too mean with the not pretty or smart comment, but I laughed anyway. I had forgotten it was April Fool’s day, and thought at first that those kids must have been NAUGHTY and their mama was trying to teach them a lesson in humiliation 🙂

Moving on…

Now that we’re in the fourth month of the year, I figure its resolution time! Our family is going to resolve to do one thing every month to try to improve our lives in one way or another.

So April’s resolution is….we are not going to eat out for the whole month. And by eat out I am including picking up subs, stopping by the cafeteria in the hospital, fast food, or ordering pizza for delivery. We don’t really do restaurants that much (hello! 4 little kids!) and we already limit fast food to once monthly, but we are totally guilty of picking up sandwiches all the time after therapy, and it just sucks so much money from our pockets, especially as the big kids’ appetites grow.

The goal is not only to save some money this month, but also to try to accurately estimate how much we are spending on food every month at the grocery store. I’m going to try for a big overhaul of our grocery habits, but baby steps are the way to go here.

This is going to be hard, but I know we can do it! After all, the less money we spend on food, the more we can save spend on house projects!



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4 responses to “365/90 and April’s resolution

  1. Sarah

    This is why I need to live around the corner…..we can tag team cook!!

  2. Holly Kymes

    Oh my! I would love to try this with you!! I know I can do the lunch part! Talking Mr. K into no dinners out is going to be a huge challenge. Hmm….

  3. lauren

    Sarah, that is so true – I need you!
    And Holly – do it! I’m pretty sure Mr. K will live 🙂

  4. holly

    u need to update and tell us what u r cooking so we can be inspired and all! as for us, day 1 was a veggie plate with mac n cheese. we had gone out of town so i need to go to the store or we will starve!

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