{oh noah, you are so much like me it is scary}

Tonight at dinner we had a VERY LONG discussion. We started off talking about adoption, which led to a discussion about why Americans can’t adopt from Vietnam right now, which led to kidnapping and …robbers(?).

For Noah, lots of discussions in the evenings end up being about kidnappers and robbers. No matter how many times I tell him that no one is going to come and kidnap him or rob our house, he seriously believes that its just a matter of time. Or if they won’t get him here, it’ll be at the grocery store.

He wants a guard dog. He doesn’t believe that Kodi will protect us from the bad guys (he’s right about that one). Actually he wants our house to have actual guards. Like Kings and Presidents do, I suppose. And he wants his daddy home every night to keep watch all night as well (good luck with that one kiddo – I wish daddy could be here every night too).

I was the same exact way. And I know I drove my dad crazy every night when I would start to cry about what could happen that night while my family slept.

And now it drives me crazy. Even though I absolutely get it.

I so wish he didn’t worry like me.


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  1. I did the same thing as a kid. I distinctly remember my mom telling me nobody would kidnap any of us because our family didn’t have the money to pay any kind of ransom. That actually helped ease some of my fears in some strange way.

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