We’re back in town after spending the weekend in Madison with my parents and then driving over to Meridian for my grandmother’s funeral on Monday. Always a good time traveling with the kids :). Actually I have to hand it to them, they are almost always better than I expect them to be on long car trips. Usually they hold it down to only 1 kid crying at a time.

We came back into town with a plethora of furniture from my (other) grandparents’ house. Lets see: 1 couch,Ā 4 upholstered chairs, 1 headboard, 2 dressers, 1 desk, 2 end tables, 1 coffee table, and 2 nightstands. Mike was so pleased about the whole thing: renting the uhaul, loading the furniture, driving the uhaul, unloading the furniture. He was even more happy when I announced my intentions to paint all of the wooden pieces.

What can I say – I live to bring a smile to that man’s face.

(He did just tell me that 1 thing makes him happy {1 thing!} – that I am capable of moving furniture)

Now Mike is telling me that I am making him sound like a caveman…really y’all, you all know that Mike is the best, right? And that I love him to infinity…and beyond! He puts up with a lot of my projects, and now has a garage full of furniture when he would prefer to have a garage full of …stuff waiting to be put up in the attic? no. stuff waiting to go to goodwill? not so much. strollers? most definitely not. tools? yard equipment? golf clubs? my car?

Anyway, here’s your pic:

{too sweet not to post, even though we’re missing a brother here}

Emmett won’t really allow the boys (or anyone else) to be that close to him without inflicting bodily harm, so its really hard to get pictures of them all together. For that matter, Silas is becoming more uncooperative about being still too. Note to self: must pull out the big lens so I can get shots without them looking.

Speaking of Silas, I am having a little bit of naming remorse here, y’all. Lately I’m thinking we definitely should have named Silas Moses, like we had planned. He kind of looks like a Moses to me, and I really really really want to call him Mo. Have any of you ever felt this way because IĀ  haven’t ever. I think the first 3 boys names fit them perfectly, but as for Silas, I just don’t know.

Here’s the options that I see:

  • Get over it – call him Silas
  • We could call him SR for Silas Robert – actually I’d love to call all of my boys by their first and middle names, but Noah says he wants to be just Noah, not Noah Gerrit.
  • We could call him Senior, because sr is an abbreviation for senior, and it’d be a little amusing since he’s the youngest
  • We could call him MJ for Mike Junior, since every one says he’s like a little Mike.
  • We could call him Mo, because it goes so well with our last name, even though his name isn’t Moses
  • We could call him Moses without officially changing his name
  • We could actually look into changing his name to Moses, which I think would be a little complicated since he was born in England

I don’t know…Mike is totally happy with the name Silas. And I love the name too – I just don’t think it suits him that well. And the nickname Si doesn’t sit well with me, and already the big boys are calling him that. And I think if we are going to do anything about it, nows the time, because he doesn’t really know his name yet.

Am I crazy? Or has anyone reading this ever felt like they gave their child the wrong name?

Whatever his name is, he sure is super-cute.



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4 responses to “365/88

  1. I’ve never had this naming issue, but I had a friend who did. She named her daughter one name then, several months later, decided to change her name. The daughter was born in Ohio and they still lived in Ohio when they changed the name. I don’t remember all the details about why it worked out the way it did, but long, forgotten story short: the child wound up with no birth certificate. The name was officially and legally changed, but somehow it left her without a birth certificate. As you can imagine, this has caused some problems over the years with trying to enroll her school and the like. I can only imagine the hassel it would be if she should ever try to do anything like adopt when she is an adult. Anyway, different states, different policies and laws, but something to check into if you do decide to change his name.

  2. I think senior would be great. Super cute to have the littlest one with that nickname. šŸ™‚

  3. Beth

    I like Si. It’s cute. I never thought I’d give Griffin a nickname…now he’s G-man or Griff or Griffy.

    As far as naming him, it still would have been kinda funny if you had named him Moses because then you would have had a Noah and a Moses.

    Why don’t you change it up completely and call him Jasper? šŸ™‚

    I’m not crazy about Senior. Seems a little strange to call a person Senior. What about Little Mike? Mikey? Or something like that? Rob, Robert, Robbie, Bobbie….thinking of nicknames for Robert….Bert?

    Silas is a great name. It’s a BIG name, and he’s a little guy. Maybe he’ll grow into it? I think Si goes well with your last name too.
    You’re right. What ever his name is, he’s awfully cute!!!
    I’m telling you right now, he’ll be miffed about having to explain his name to every teacher he has. If he has to say, “My name is Silas Robert, but I go by Moses.”, it’s gonna confuse everyone.

  4. Sarah

    I’m with Beth on this……call him Jasper! Its what you wanted all along and I’m not sure (and I say this lovingly, cuz I know ya) that if you call him Mo that in another 9 months you aren’t gonna change your mind again. You had this same crisis right before he was born, and I think its because neither one are the name you really want. JMHO But no matter what his name or what you decide, he is a doll baby and you know Mike will like the name eventually! LOL Oh yeah, and FWIW Pete totally likes Ben and can’t imagine him being anything different.

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