Happy Birthday Emmett!! (365/86)


{Emmett is 2 today!}

{For his special day we served him chocolate pudding for breakfast – with candles!}

{He enjoyed playing with the pudding more than eating it…typical little boy}

{And then we let him play in the exersaucer – a real treat because he loves it, but its been banned for him by the therapists because he doesn’t use it appropriately}

{We also declared it a patch-free day! Lets be honest, it doesn’t really appear to be helping with the lazy eye does it}

{The rest of the morning consisted of therapy and now he’s having some well deserved quiet time}


We love you EmmyLou!



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8 responses to “Happy Birthday Emmett!! (365/86)

  1. Happy birthday Emmett! He has the sweetest smile. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday sweet boy! I agree with Elaine, he has the sweetest smile.

  3. Beth

    Happy Birthday, Emmett! I love the first picture of him. He looks like such a big boy, and he looks so happy. 🙂

  4. Hang

    Happy Birthday to Emmett!!! He’s getting so big.

  5. Sarah

    OMG!!! Look at his hair!! He is such a cutie!! Happy Birthday, Emmett!

  6. m

    Happy B Day.
    It took about 10 months to see any improvement with my daughters lazy eye and we patched 10 hrs a day. (I did let her have a break on b-days and parties)
    It did end up working but took years of hard work

  7. Holly Kymes

    Such a cutie pie! Happy Birthday Emmett!

  8. charityfaithrose

    Happy Birthday Emmett! Looks like he had a great day :). Miss you guys!!

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