Sawyerisms (365/84 and 85)

just a taste of the things sawyer has said today:

  • “mama, I only want to go to the zoo if the animals are wearing their morning clothes”
  • “will the animals at the zoo be out of their sleeping bags yet?”
  • “mama, they aren’t called camels, they’re called CANIMALS”

(obv, we went to the zoo today)

  • when noah told me at the grocery store that he really, really really wants a piano, and I told him he needed to talk to his grandma because she knows about pianos, sawyer started chattering on about how a piano would get from iowa to florida. I guess he thought that I wasn’t paying attention, because then he bursts out with this: “are you even listening to a word I’m sayin’ mama?” He seemed shocked that I actually knew what he had been talking about
  • later at dinner, Sawyer asked for seconds (and thirds and fourths!) of steak. I told him we weren’t eating steak, we were eating pork chops. “fork chops?!?!” he says. No I said – PORK chops. But he likes fork chops better
  • “mama, what are chops?”
  • “mama, what are girls?”
  • “mama, which one of our family do you like the best? you have to choose just 3” (this one he asks me 10 zillion times daily)
  • “siley, you a puffy cheek boy!”
  • “I don’t have any friends yet, because I don’t talk to anyone that’s not in our family”
  • “noah, you a bad boy – I’m not inviting you to my birfday!”
  • before bed, noah and I were talking about zumba, and I told him we were learning the cha-cha-cha. Sawyer says “mama, noah said cha chas” (cha chas is what we call diarrhea around here. lovely)
  • and my fav – I love you too mama

I think he makes the best 3 year old little boy EVAH!


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