Finally, we’re at the end of the inside of the house. I forgot about the master bath:

{looking in}

{looking to the left – 2 closets and the shower}

{inside my closet – where I keep clothes and the never-ending give-away pile}

{the cave double shower}

{the jacuzzi tub and bookshelves – what, don’t you have bookshelves in your bathroom?}

{double sink and more cabinets}

{ok, these are the last cabinets – floor to ceiling ones inside the toilet room}

{my sign still hasn’t found a home that is suitable for Mike}

Oh how I wish we could retile in here. That shower seriously is a cave – and yet a double shower is something that Mike and I have always wanted, and (tmi! tmi!) we take advantage of it all the time. The shower just has the same problem that the rest of the first floor of the house has, a lack of natural light. I’m not sure what we could do to fix that, but I’m thinking on it :).

Also the poor jacuzzi – the jets have something going on inside the pipes – whenever you turn on the jets, black flakes come out. Needless to say, we don’t use the jets, which kind of defeats the purpose of the jacuzzi. I just asked Mike and he said he put some bleach in there, but we haven’t tried to run them since then. Anyway, boo.

There are a lot of positives about this space though: first of all it is big, and I do like my big spaces. I also like having my own closet – my husband is not a huge fan of my giveaway pile interfering with his being able to access his clothes. And although I make fun of the vast amount of cabinets in our house, I do like having a place to put medicine, extra toilet paper, etc.  That has been an issue at every house we’ve lived in till this one. What else – everyone always makes a big deal about having the two sinks, but honestly we don’t ever use our second sink. I guess Mike and I don’t ever really end up brushing our teeth at the same time, and I don’t wear makeup or anything so I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror (just a long time in the shower). 

So I think that’s it! We’ve been through the whole house finally! We do have a screened in porch, but I think I’ll leave that for when we do the exterior. And that would be later…much later.



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3 responses to “365/83

  1. Jennifer

    Black junk out of jets is mildew/mold/funk. Run bleach. I’d pour the whole bottle in a tub of water, then run jets for half an hour or so. Empty. Repeat. Do this til water comes out clean.

    Then run a cup of bleach mixed with tub of water once a week. Religiously. We didn’t get jets because of this very issue. Water is left behind in jets no matter what you do, and it grows funk, esp in warmer climates. Everyone we know that follows the weekly bleach schedule has no complaints though.

  2. They also make some kind of cleaner for the jets that isn’t bleach. You just do the same thing you do with the bleach, but with the cleaner instead. Don’t remember what it is called. I’m sure bleach works just as well or better, I just remember when we installed our jacuzzi tub at our last house the instruction manual said only to use the special cleaner. Probably just so the manufacturer could make more money, but it might be worth looking into just in case. And book shelves over the tub? I would think the humidity would not be so good for the books. Of course, I say that and yet have a whole big basket full of books and magazines in my bathroom.

  3. Holly Kymes

    You definitely have lots of cabinets! And those bookshelves by the tub crack me up! 🙂 I wanna see that yard!

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