ugh, today has not been the greatest. I don’t know if any of y’all whose husbands work regular jobs can relate to this, but I’m betting that my fellow military wives can: sometimes its a big adjustment when you go from really not seeing your husband in a while to seeing him all day long :).

My poor Mike – he has been working so hard, and we just haven’t had any time to connect lately. And like I told him a few nights ago (on the phone, not in person of course), it is pretty dangerous for him to leave me alone here at night: I have all the time in the world to think up new house projects. He agrees.

So of course when he is home and awake for any length of time (say more than 2 hours) I start in with my ideas on what we can do around the house. After all, its what I think about when he’s not here. But he doesn’t want to hear it – all he hears when I mention the house is dollar signs. So then we both get frustrated.


Oh well, we’ll get over ourselves here. And guess what? While he is totally opposed to doing anything with the fireplace other than me painting the mantle, he is very surprisingly open to perhaps changing the floorplan in the kitchen. When we finally get around to doing the kitchen.

In the meantime, lets power through and finish up the house tour.

the guest room upstairs or, as we refer to it as, my mom’s room:

{as you look in the door – another alcove}

{this used to be our bed}

{the bathroom: big shower, toilet, and walk-in closet; ignore the burnt out light}

{always with more cabinets – there’s a matching one in the bathroom, but it comes down from the ceiling…its almost as if they’re really one unit}

Obviously we haven’t spent as much time decorating upstairs as downstairs. We’ll get around to it eventually. Right now mom’s room is pretty Americana. Can you believe that our first house was all kind of decorated like that? Believe it baby! These are the last vestiges of that theme. I can still handle a little of the primitive and Americana look in my house, and I can certainly appreciate it in other people’s houses, but I like to think I’ve kind of come into my own more eclectic style as I’ve gotten older.

Only one more room to go!


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