I don’t have anything today but the house to show y’all…sorry charlie.

Shall we move upstairs? This is the playroom:

{I don’t really think this picture does justice to the size of the space – its really an expanse of blank carpet. Check out the purple couch – it is one of the only furniture purchases I’ve regreted. It is ugly. But there is a certain freedom in ugliness. The boys love to jump off the built in window seat onto the couch…and we let them}

{do you call this an alcove? It is one of two in this space and we have one in the guest room. I like them, but what do you do with them? The homemade shelves to the left will shortly be making their way out of the house}

{this is where we keep the Wii…it’ll get painted someday. Also some cheap seating for the kids from Walmart}

{this is where we moved our kitchen table}

(one of the 3 walk-in closets – they’re all the same size}

So we haven’t really figured out this space yet. Our kids don’t have a ton of toys, so we don’t need tons of storage. I like that they can run around in this room (although our pictures downstairs tend to get a little crooked). I think we might do beadboard on the bottom 5 feet, because I don’t want to have too much hanging on the walls up here – maybe just some of the kids artwork cheaply framed. Eventually 2 or 3 of the boys may call this space their bedroom – as soon as they can handle being on a different floor from us :).

Then the big question is – what will I do with the green room downstairs?  Don’t you think we need some more kids in this joint? Another little boy (whose name would most definitely be Jasper) or a little girl (whose name would most definitely not be Jasper but would maybe be Piper or Tallulah or Zoe)?

maybe someday



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2 responses to “365/81

  1. Holly Kymes

    I have seen some awesome playrooms online. You guys need an Ikea in a bad way! Maybe a fun rug to make it look like a playroom? 🙂 I will send you some fun playroom links in a day or 2 when I get a minute!

  2. I’m really jealous of this room! So sick of having toys throughout the house and so wish I could have a concentrated space that is just for Lucy to play. Nice.

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