back to the house tour – I promise we’ll finish soon – and today we have the hall closet and laundry room:

{the hall closet – perhaps you notice the way that everything is on hooks, because the closet isn’t deep enough to use hangers}

{now we’re in the laundry room: the door to the garage}

{looking off to the right – the old school washer and dryer and a tiny bit of the utility sink}

{looking off to the left – note the cabinets – and its hard to see but there’s also a built in desk??? Really??? There is less than 3 feet of space between those cabinets and the washer and dryer, and you have to walk through this path to get to the garage}

{aaannndddd more cabinets}

So the eventual plan here would be to tear out all the cabinets on this side and put in hooks to hang coats, backpacks, etc, and a bench on the bottom with space for shoes. I think it’ll make the space look a lot more open. I wish we could do something about the hall closet – maybe we can make it into the place where we keep the pet food (which right now is under the fauxdesk) because there is no way I’m convincing the love of my life to knock down walls.

Some inspiration here (except those mud rooms are 100 million times bigger than my space)


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  1. Ashley

    Hey miss “no social life”…we need to schedule a playdate! Any day after school is good with me, just let me know. Tomorrow???? Send me a text or email.

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