a couple more projects:

{I painted the faces of the letters – now you can actually tell what they say}

{I had already painted this blanket chest, but I roughed it up and slapped on a couple of coats of polycrylic}

{I still haven’t decided on the whole chalkboard wall thing, so in the meantime I painted a couple of bulletin boards we had upstairs – this one is hanging near the laundry room}

{and the boys are enjoying the other one}

{I finally got around to mod podging some scrapbook paper to the bottom of the desk drawers}

{much better than the old yucky mysteriously stained drawer bottoms that have always given me splinters, if I do say so, although when I showed Mike them this morning, he was all “um what’s there to get excited about…they are the insides of desk drawers. No one will ever see them.” I say that I will see them and be happy.}

{I got around to painting the brother to the bookshelf on the other side of the tv}

{here they are, reunited, although what is on the shelves is gonna change – gotta try to hide those cords. Oh and my mom got me sucked into AI this season. That Ryan Seacrest and Kara Whatshername drive me crazy!}

{and finally, that bench has found a new home – Mike wanted a place to take off his boots}


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One response to “365/79

  1. I love living vicariously in your colorful house. You are so creative!

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