And now what have I been up too lately?

I’m so glad you asked!

{I’ve been moving some stuff around. This pub sign used to be in the dining room, but I’m pretty sure it likes its new home here better. As you can see, what I haven’t done is paint that mantle yet}

{I’ve been painting. This bookshelf used to be really dark, and goodness knows, this room doesn’t need to be more dark. Its little brother is outside getting finished up}

{a closer look – I decided to distress a bit. In the background are the Series of Unfortunate Events books – have you read those? They are awesome}

{This is what happened to the little sample pot of red paint when I decided to paint the dining room blue instead. This desk used to be stained really dark too remember? Plus it was pretty beat up, since its been in use since I was a little girl}

{I had to distess this puppy a lot, both because it was already dinged up and because my first coat of red was uneven, and I neglected to sand it until I had put about 4 coats of red on. In case anyone wants to know, the color is called red gumball. Also, we’ve added some ferns to help filter the air}

{And lastly, I’ve been shopping. But not at all much Mike! We added this table cloth, because now that we’re using the dining table full time, the quilt wasn’t cutting it – its just too hard to wash all the time. And believe me, when Noah and I eat, the tablecloth needs to be washed a lot}

{I like the texture. And the touch of neutral…ness(?) in our colorful kitchen}

See, you can be pretty darn productive when you have no social life to speak of, and your husband is either out of town or working nights, and your mom is in town.


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One response to “365/77

  1. Beth

    No social life? Give me a call!!!!

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