Have you had enough of the cute kids? No, I know, me either, but lets look at some house stuff, eh?

Where were we on the house tour? Oh yes, the stairwell. So lets go (have you seen You Don’t Mess With the Zohan? I love that movie! It was so wrong, but yet so right):

{ok, so its orange}

 The color is called Sunset Glow. And I love the color, but I didn’t want it on a bedroom wall – it was just too bright. And actually, if I had to do it all over again, maybe I would choose to do the stairwell in a bright red – another color that I love but didn’t end up using. But the longer that the color is on the wall, the more it grows on me. And I love how our black frames pop against the color}

{well hey kodi bear! She’s looking out the door to the back porch. This is the view from the top of the stairs. And what’s that space at the top of the pic?}

{umm, yeah, that would be the weirdest space in our house}

 Why on earth there is a little landing there (with tile, no less), I haven’t the foggiest. I guess you could create a country scene up there with a quilt rack and a rocking chair, or you could go with a fake plant, but neither of those are really us (although we do have quilt racks and rocking chairs). We thought about creating a library up there and hanging a ladder on the wall, but in the end, we just have too many books to make that work in that space. So we’re keeping our paperbacks up there for now, but what we’ll do up there once our dining room is turned into the library is totally up in the air. Any suggestions?



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3 responses to “365/76

  1. Beth

    Hey girlie! Give me a call soon. We need to get together!

  2. Okay, I’ve just read all of your house tour posts in one sitting. My word, where do you find the time to do all that painting and decorating????? Oh, yeah, you mentioned your mom was there helping. What that must be like . . . anyway, love all the color. Love that you have the energy to do all of that. And what is up with that space above the stairs? I think you should take the books down and use it as your time out spot. The fear of falling would keep my kids deathly quiet and still, and it would be a nice break for me. (joking, of course).

    • lauren

      oh dahling, we didn’t paint ourselves, of course! It was my christmas present from mike. As for any other decorating, I’d say the time for that is as a result of Mike being either out of town or working nights alot, my mom being here during quiet time (mom – we miss you!), and again, not really having much going on at night after the kids go to bed.

      Hmmmm, the space above the stairs as a naughtly spot. Interesting…except that my kids would misbehave just to have a chance to go up there 🙂

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