no pics today :(

Have I told y’all that several weeks ago our monitor broke on our desktop? I think I have, right? Anyway, a few nights ago the electricity went out for a few hours, and shut the desktop off. I cant figure out how to log on as a user without a monitor – Mike knows how to do it, but Mike has been working like a dog for the past week, and getting the desktop going again is not on his list of priorities. And the computer automatically saves the pics to the desktop, even when you load them to the laptop. And I can’t figure out how to change the path to save them just to the laptop. Or I could, but the stinkin laptop just erased all the pictures I had saved on the camera. ANYWAY, the bottom line is, no pictures today.

But I do have a story: last night Emmett’s g-tube got pulled out. My mom was trying to get him out of the crib to rock him and his line got caught on something and yanked that sucker right out. So Em and I headed to the ER, where there was an 8 hour wait to be seen.

Luckily for us, g-tube holes close up super fast, so the doctor saw us only about 2 hours after we got there. A good thing, since by that time, his hole had already closed up a good bit. It was no fun for anyone (but most especially for Em) to get a new tube placed – the doctor wouldn’t give him any sedation or pain medication. I’ve never, ever seen Emmett so upset, and the way he looked at me while I was helping hold him down (along with 2 nurses) broke my heart.

It was horrible.

But we are so thankful that the doc was able to place a new tube in – it was touch and go for a while – which meant that we didn’t have to go back to Sacred Heart today to see the pediatric surgeon.

We did, however, have to go back to Sacred Heart this morning for his PT evaluation. I would have loved to cancel it, but this kid has been waiting on this eval since we moved here, so short of us actually still being in the ER, we were going to that evaluation. Besides, even if Emmett just laid there the whole time, that wouldn’t be that different than what he does during most therapy sessions :). So after getting home around 2am (and poor Mike didn’t get home until after 4am), we trekked back to Pensacola for the eval at 9.

And he did pretty much just sit there like a bump on a log. But the important thing is that we finally have his PT scheduled! He’ll be doing twice a week, so we’ll add that into the therapy mix.

So the rest of today has kind of gone by in a fog except for the massage.

Oh yes, you heard me right – I had a 1 hour massage today, a gift from my mom (isn’t she the greatest?). It was awesome. So awesomely relaxing I almost fell asleep.

And my sister came in tonight for the weekend. Her spring break just started and she drove down to visit a friend and to rescue my mom. Sadly, after a 2 week trip that has turned into almost 4 weeks, my mom is going home. What are we going to do with ourselves without her here?

Maybe we’ll have to figure out a way to get my mom AND my sister to stay for another week. What better way for my sister to spend her spring break from nursing school than to hang out with her nephews?


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