old pics continued 365/66-72

{For some reason I’m thinking these must be from around Halloween}

{Uh, hey guys, I’m getting a little bored with this  swing…how about carrying me around?}

{My mom bought the big boys gingerbread haunted houses to make and decorate. They didn’t taste quite as good as the boys thought they would}

{more snow pictures – did I mention that I didn’t really bring snow clothes for the boys with me to Mississippi? So Sawyer is wearing a hodge-podge of clothes collected from my parents’ house, along with his crocs, covered with plastic grocery bags}

{Sawyer and Aunt Cori – doesn’t Noah look like her?}

{my mama – have I told y’all that my parents live in central Mississippi? I still can’t believe it snowed this much}

{Noah had a ball – he would have stayed out all day playing with my sister and dad}

{Sawyer on the other hand was not a huge fan – the snow was too wet and messy for my little man}

{back to the present – these are from last week – always with the kung fu}

{is he beyond adorable, or do I just think so because I’m his mama?}

{Nope. I’m pretty sure he’s beyond adorable}

{and last but not least, one of my favorite ones of Emmett and Mike – this is from last summer. My husband is pretty hot eh?}


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One response to “old pics continued 365/66-72

  1. Holly Kymes

    Mally had that same little skeleton at Halloween. I loved it! It was so cute. She was on the edge of the biggest size, but I squished her in there!

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