i’m ba-ack, plus a boatload of pics (365/55-65)

Hey y’all! I’m back from San Antonio, plus a day of rest, and now I’m all ready to blog again! Thanks Mike for posting a couple of times (he gets very grumpy about blogging when he doesn’t get lots of comments). I wouldn’t really call my trip a vacation, but it was great to see Jennifer and her husband and kiddos. What is so sad is that we are all so busy that it takes something like a really sick kid or surgery so that we can see each other. Boo!

Anyway, right before I left Mike went to download the snow pics from my mom’s camera and lo and behold, she had about 500 pics on there from the past couple of years. So in an effort to catch up with this 365 project (these were all taken on different days, just not this year, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating really), here’s a bunch of pics from last year:

{I’m pretty sure this is from December 08, when my mom came for Emmett’s heart surgery…this is Sawyer’s mohawk hat – love it}

{whoa, Noah looks way different to me now! I have to say, I am such a bigger fan of the shaggy hair look than the buzz cut, but I’m thinking this was after he came home from school with lice. Remember: Lice in my house=Shaved heads all around}

{Wow. Its so hard for us to tell because it happens so slowly, but here’s proof that Emmett really does grow}

{ugh, remember the NG-tube? And all the vomiting? I wish I didn’t. We are SO SO SO incredibly thankful for the g-tube and the esophageal wrap – we’ve now had close to a year of no home-health visits from nurses to put the ng-tube back in after Emmett yanked it out, and close to a year of no vomiting. Hooray!}

{now we’re into pics from last summer. The base had a program called smart start where each week, 3-5 year olds are introduced to a new sport, like soccer, football, tennis, etc, and I signed Noah and Sawyer up. This week was soccer. As you can see, Sawyer was thrilled to participate.}

{In Cambridge, right after Noah broke his arm}

{Sawyer’s favorite spot}

{Silas and me. When I still had an excuse to have a huge belly}

{why didn’t we put that hat down on that boy’s head?}

{Emmy, hard at work at his desk}

{is that a smirk? Do you think he realized, even as a newborn, that I would be wrapped around his tiny little baby finger?}

Alright, enough for today. I think that takes us up through the move, and I’ll share the best of the rest tomorrow. Also coming up soon: the projects I’ve been recently working on and we’ll finish up the rest of the house tour! Oh, and, and, I even got a blog award, so now I get to share with y’all my favorite blogs that I read nowadays.  Are you all on the edges of your seats?

Yes, I thought so.


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