365/51 and 52

{i will miss my babies so much next week!}

I am heading to San Antonio tomorrow to help out my friend Jennifer for a few days. You know, the same Jennifer that came to my rescue when we first brought Emmett home and Mike was deployed and I was losing my sanity?

My mom has volunteered to stay for another week to watch the boys, and after much internal debate I am even leaving Silas. They have promised to be sweet to my sweet baby (although Mike has already said that he won’t let Silas sleep in the huge spacious king-sized bed with him, the big meanie), and since he just got his 6 month vaccines on Friday and is still under the weather, I figure plane rides and airports and new people are not what he needs right now.

I’m hoping that between my mom and Mike that they can continue to post throughout the week, so I can see pictures of what my boys are up to, but I’m thinking that things are going to be a little hectic around here.

We could all use some prayer here, y’all.


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