{This boy – I love him to pieces}

 He’s been asking for several days if we can go hunting for shooting stars. He really wants to find one so he can make a wish on it. We got a spare moment around bedtime a couple of nights ago, so I took the bigs outside and since I thought it was unlikely that we would see a shooting star, I taught them the “star light, star bright, first star I see tonight” rhyme. Noah got really upset when he made a wish on the first star he saw and it didn’t come true (the wish: to have Jedi powers and a real light saber. Other wishes on his list include a real rocketship, a real ben10 watch, a real magic wand, and for us to have a basement).

Despite my explanations about wishes and how they don’t really come true all the time (especially if you wish for impossible things like your very own jet pack to fly to outer space), he is insistant that the only reason his wish didn’t come true is because the star he wished upon wasn’t a shooting star.

Its a fine line sometimes – I so don’t want to dampen his enthusiasm or stifle his imagination or ruin the magic of being a child and you think anything and everything is possible.

But I also don’t want to listen to pouting when a real spaceship doesn’t appear in our backyard after he makes a wish. He really believes it could happen, and is kind of crushed when it doesn’t.

What did Sawyer wish for, you might be wondering? Need you ask – he wished to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. I was actually surprised – his favorite guy lately has been Kit Fisto ( or Fistu or Fista – I don’t know his frappin name) and he always has a soft spot for Anikin Skywalker (aka, Darth Vader).

Oooh, I have to tell y’all this: tonight Noah asked me how you say I love you in spanish. I have no idea, but I asked Mike if it was Tu something (doesn’t tu mean you?). Sawyer pipes up with “is it Tuesday?”. So we said oh yes, that’s right, and then he said tuesday, mama, tuesday. Do you see why he’s so rotten?


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