Sorry y’all – Mike came home last night, and I just lost track of time. I know you guys were waiting with baited breath for this:

{he doesn’t seem to mind the helmet, does he?}

Emmett has gotten into the super bad habit of banging his head really hard on everything. And the harder the surface, the more he likes it. Emmett had a field day while we were in Madison with my parent’s wood floors – he came home with a series of bruises on his head (have I said this before?). I’ve been telling the OT (and Dr. Bedpan) about this behavior for a while, but once I showed the OT the bruises, she decided the time had come to get down to business.

So the helmet is all soft material, and we’ve added a piece of foam on the inside of the top so it won’t hang down over his eyes (oh how he hates things being near the eyes). I wish it could also do something about the shape of his head, because he needs that too, but apparently that would take a different helmet.

Personally I think he looks pretty cute with it. If only it belonged to us and we could decorate it up, but those things are booku expensive, and Sacred Heart is letting us borrow this one for free.

Now you can imagine the looks we get when Emmett is decked out with his helmet, his hand splints, and the eye patch. Sometimes its a total blessing that he is completely oblivious to stuff like that.



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2 responses to “365/49

  1. jjohnstonmyers

    Since you commented about the cost of the helmet I thought I would bring this up in case it might be helpful to you. Most states, I believe FL included, have TEFRA medicaid programs for kiddos with special needs. We pay a small monthly premium and it essentially covers all of the things that our health insurance does not. Coverage is based on the kiddo’s income not the parental income, so, unless Emmett has a side job that you haven’t mentioned, I’m betting you guys would qualify and it might make things like having your own helmet a little easier to handle. I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries here, but many parents aren’t aware that TEFRA is not tied to parental income and assume they wouldn’t qualify so I wanted to mention it just in case. I’m not sure who you would contact in FL to inquire, but you might be able to call a local childrens’ hospital and ask for a TEFRA coordinator. That’s how it works here in AR anyhow.

    • lauren

      Hey, you are totally not overstepping any bounds – that would be hard to do. We appreciate any information we can get! Tricare does have a supplemental insurance program called the Echo program that is for things like respite care and adaptive equipment. So the helmet should be covered under that program in theory. In reality, it takes a lonnggg time to get stuff approved, and in england the person in charge pretty much denied everything. But we are looking into the medicaid thing too 🙂

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