Thank y’all so much for the input on the cabinets – keep the comments coming, because now I am super torn!

Back to the house, eh? Lets look at the littles’ room and the office today.

First up is the office:

{that’s right – its purple. Originally, we were going to do this room the same yellow as the entryway. But after the painters got done with the foyer, I changed my mind – the yellow was just too bright. So I made a rash decision and picked purple. And I actually really like the color…it just doesn’t go so well with Mike’s military stuff, which is kept in this room. I think his stuff needs a nice gray color – to match the his plane!  So in the future, we need to either move Mike’s stuff, or repaint the room. For now, I’m digging the purple}

{Our diplomas…they need some black frames. I don’t really care about having them on the wall anyway, so buying new frames is pretty much the last thing on my list. Below them is the daybed – which kodi has claimed as her own}

{Our desk, with a not-working monitor on the top. The current dilemma – do we buy a tv that can serve as the monitor even though 2 tvs in this house is enough for us, or do we borrow a monitor to hook to the still working hard drive so that we can extract everything from it and just have the laptop? But Mike likes to take the laptop out of town…its a decision in progress}

{Recognize this bench from the boy’s room? This is our nomadic bench – its been in at least 4 rooms since we’ve lived here. I have a feeling its next move will be to the garage…on its way to the salvation army. The pictures living on the bench are of my grandmother and grandfather – weren’t they gorgeous? I always thought my grandfather looked a little like John Wayne. The plan with these pictures is to make a wall collage with them and a bunch of other old pictures. But I’m still waiting on pictures of my other grandparents (hint, hint mom) before I get started}

Ok, onto the littles’ room:

{Man I so wish that the camera would capture the wall colors accurately, because this is one of my favorite colors in the house. Its called beach house – isn’t that a great name? Anyway, here are the two cribs (Em and Silas are still doing good together) with a side table in the middle for Emmett’s pump}

{I love these frames. It’s probably a good thing Hobby Lobby no longer carries them, because a hundred of them in our house would be maybe a little much}

{More of the lovely mirrored doors. And come back tomorrow for the story behind Emmett’s headgear 🙂 }

{Remember these? Still love them!}

{I also love this watercolor – my friend Jeannie’s aunt painted it! I do think that the frame is too big though…must fix that someday}

{Oh the glider. I am so not in love with the way that it looks, but I love the way that it feels. My mom gifted this to us when I was pregnant with Sawyer, because that woman loves to rock her some babies. So it has withstood multiple moves and 4 kids – definitely has earned its keep around here}

And that’s it. We still need to get some sort of name thing for Silas – I saw some copper letters in a cute, overpriced home boutique in Madison, so maybe for his birthday (we have lots of baby toys already. Note to moms with babies: cherish the time you have before your kids care about receiving toys!)

Thanks for tuning in!


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  1. Holly Kymes

    Ok, the bench has to go. 🙂 It just looks silly there. It needs more space. Do you have a front porch? A back patio? An indoor/outdoor kind of space? Maybe a place where you sit to take off your shoes when you come in. Anyways, love the idea of copper letters. Very cool. I am dying to see some toy organization. Do you have a playroom or is all of their stuff in the shiny mirror closets?

    As for the computer, I vote new monitor. Super cheap. We have a pc and a laptop and it’s fantastic. Definitely the way to go.

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