ah, the kitchen:

{this is the view from the hallway}

{walking into the kitchen and looking to the left – note the unusual countertops – I’ve never seen the likes of them}

{this is the sink – it is the most insane setup: the big basin is really big, but the little basin holds the garbage disposal; the faucet doesn’t swivel (but does pull out). Now you tell me – does it make any kind of sense to put the garbage disposal there? You either have to pour stuff into it from a pot or plate, inevitably spilling all over the counter, or you have to rinse off plates and pots in the big basin, and then scoop the gunk up with your hands and dump it in the little basin. So gross}

{looking from the dishwasher over to the oven. I removed the cabinet doors to display our “china”, but I haven’t added trim yet to make it look nice, or painted the cabinets, obviously}

{looking into the kitchen from the back door. Notice the abundance of oak cabinetry}

{looking into the kitchen from the breakfast area}

So there’s the panoramic view. Here’s what we’ve done so far in this room:

  • painted
  • replaced all the hardware
  • removed those two cabinet doors

And here’s what we still need to do:

  • replace the appliances – the dishwasher leaks and we just need a bigger fridge (preferably with a water/ice dispenser). The old fridge will be going out into the garage for overflow. The oven and stove are fine, so we might wait on those for a while, although since we’re planning on going the stainless steel route, they won’t match anymore. And I would LOVE to have a double oven (yes, even though I don’t cook very much, because I DO like to bake, and we heat things up in the oven all the time and its always one thing that needs to cook at one temp and one at another).
  • replace the countertops: i’m pretty sure we’ll end up going with granite, although I really would like to do soapstone or a recycled glass countertop. It was surprising to me, but granite is a good bit cheaper than those.
  • install a backsplash – I have no idea yet what to do here
  • replaced the sink for a double basin stainless steel one
  • paint those cabinets.

But I’m having a dilemma with choosing cabinet colors. I want to go with either white or black, because painting cabinets seems like a major pain in the you-know-what, and I think its best to go with a neutral color.

I thought I had definitely decided on black, like this kitchen. Isn’t it gorgeous? But we have LOTS AND LOTS of cabinets. And not tons of windows, although the breakfast area is the brightest  room in the house.

So then I saw this other kitchen. I love the idea of a big blackboard wall. But don’t you think that a big blackboard wall along with black cabinets and then our black sideboard and winerack is a little…black? Yeah, I think so too.

So at this point I’m planning on white cabinets (but distressed, hopefully with black underneath the white paint, although oh my gosh, will that require about ten coats of paint or what?) with black countertops. I just worry that the bottom cabinets will get dirty pretty fast, especially below the bar area, where little boys will be kicking their dirty little feet. Maybe that part we should leave unpainted? Or would that be totally weird?

I need feedback people!



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6 responses to “365/45

  1. Holly Kymes

    Fun! I love your green kitchen. I would go with white cabinets if for no other reason than resale value later. Whenever “later” is. 🙂 What do you think about doing a stainless steel plate, or a plexiglass plate under the bar where all the kicking is? I think that would look cool and if you are doing stainless steel appliances, it would go together. Also, as for the blackboard idea, maybe do a smaller area like the end of the bar section. you would have to remove that molding…hard to see that part of it in the picture, but I think it’s molding. Then the end would be painted with the blackboard paint.

    As for your wacko sink, that’s almost identical to our set-up we had in Dallas. Bizarre to me. I don’t know what moron thought that would be a good idea, but they were wrong!

  2. Sarah

    Paint underneath the bar with chalkboard paint. Then the kids can play under there when they get bored. LOL

  3. I like the white cabinets/blackboard paint too. But caution: you can see it in the sample photo you linked to — that blackboard paint gets REALLY dirty and never fully erases. Personally it makes me a little nuts; I have some and I end up repainting it frequently when the film of chalk dust that I can’t get off becomes too much for me to deal with.

  4. charityfaithrose

    Love these kitchens! I would do the white distressed look (your kids will make it distressed anyway!). And I love the idea of the kickboard – that would look awesome w/ the new stainless steel that you are talking about. But I’m not sure I would do a HUGE wall with the chalkboard – look how chalky and messy that wall in the pic looked and that would eventually drive y’all nuts. But I would definitely do a big section. Probably starting at Noah/Sawyer level so the little guys don’t just lick the chalkboard ;)!
    How exciting for you guys!!!!

  5. Jennifer

    Let’s see. Personally, I like the black cabinets better. If you go with a light granite countertop, that might balance it out. If not, the distressed white look would be cool too. Stainless steel appliances are the way to go. Go as big as you possibly can with the refrigerator for the space it needs to fit in. You won’t regret it. LOL

    We have a tile backsplash (another place you could lighten things up if you used black for the cabinets). Our neighbors put tile under their bar area for kicking feet. It looks awesome, and it’s what we’ll probably do eventually once we actually use it for an eating area.

    If you go with white cabinets, I’d go dark for the backsplash.

    I would not, under any circumstances whatsoever, have a CHALKBOARD painted on any wall in my house. Holy cow, I cannot even imagine dealing with the chalk dust!! Seriously. My eyes are bugging here.

  6. Ashley

    After having a white kitchen when Blyth was little, I will NEVER have one again. The cabinets were always dirty!! Especially with pets. I vote for the black with a light colored counter and backsplash. And I love the idea of a stainless “kickplate” under the bar area.

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