{ok, seriously? How adorable is that?}

Its really hard to see with the black and white, but check out the top of the boys’ heads. Why? Well, we were playing a game where I try to make them smile, and they try to keep a straight face. So I told them to go get their giggles out. They dashed out of the room, only to come back minutes later with wet hair. So I ran for the camera, but they were being total wiggleworms – I couldn’t get a clear shot. Finally, I told them to give each other a kiss, and wha-la – a moment of stillness!

This reminds me: sometimes we’ll ask the boys who they want to marry when they grow up. Lately Noah says that he doesn’t know (so practical sometimes, that boy). Sawyer, on the other hand, has his mind made up: every time, he says he wants to marry Noah.

So wrong, but so sweet (although in the next breath he’ll tell Noah that he is not his friend and that he’s never playing with him again. EVAH!)



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2 responses to “365/44

  1. That is so cute! And good blackmail for a few years from now. 🙂 What is it about that second son that they can be so loving one minute and so vicious the next? The other morning I heard Levi yell at A.J. “I never want to be your friend anymore, you stupid, ugly, jerk!” Good grief!

  2. Jeannie

    Cutest boys EVAH! I love that they are so close. And adorable 🙂

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