365/41 and 42

Today – the breakfast area and dining room. I can’t show you the kitchen because its just too messy tonight šŸ™‚

{This is the view from the kitchen – the breakfast area is to your left, and the dining room is just out of view to the right. There’s really no separation between the two rooms and together they make an ‘L’ shape}

{Now we’re in the dining room}

{Still in the dining room, 180 degrees from the last pic. Ignore the pictures on the wall – they are in total flux. The wall color is called Under the Boardwalk}

{Looking into the breakfast area from the dining room. The kitchen would be off to the left. Our dining room table is the only big antique we got over in England – it was kind of a my-husband-deployed-to-Afghanistan-while-I-was-still-in-Vietnam-adopting-Emmett-and-was-out-of-my-mind-stressed-out present from Mike. I have it covered with a quilt so that the kids can actually eat off of it. I’d really like to get a piece of glass cut to cover it for even more protection}

{From the breakfast area looking over towards the dining room}

As you may have noticed, the dining room is rather empty. My mom and I moved the dining room table over to the breakfast area, and the kitchen table up to the playroom (for now). The wine rack was also in the dining room. Why, you may ask, would I move almost everything out of the dining room?

Well, I want to make the dining room into..a library.You see, we have a LOT of books. I love love LOVE to read. Mike loves to read. The boys love to be read to. And we really don’t have an accessable place to keep all of those books.

So I’ve mulled over several different design options, and I think what I’d like to do is instead of Mike building floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (which he suprisingly doesn’t seem super excited about building) is order these. With the intention of eventually ending up with 4 of them. I’d put 3 sets along the long wall, and then 1 set on the wall where the champagne cabinet is currently. The shelves are short enough that I could hang pictures on the wall above them. The downside is that of course the shelves are made of particle board. The upside is that they’re affordable. And that we could take them with us if we moved. And that we could move them around to different rooms if we wanted (because we are talking about me here).

I’d also like to put a couch and maybe a couple of chairs in the room. Those we could obtain for the cost of getting them down here from my grandfather’s house in Meridian and then slipcover them.

And then someday we would add a big ole rug.

I have this vision of myself, lying on a comfortable sofa under the window, reading a good book during quiet time. An oasis of sorts.



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4 responses to “365/41 and 42

  1. Oooo, I LOVE that under the boardwalk color!! It looks beautiful. I think that room is perfect for a library. My parents’ house has one with reading nooks built into the walls. She homeschools my little sibs, so it’s a great place for “school.”

  2. Sarah

    I know what bookshelves would look good!;) and I am waaaaay underweight.

    • lauren

      Oh my gosh, those Myriad shelves would look FABULOUS! Of course I would need about 10 of them. And even one of them isn’t in the budget. Heck, the ikea shelves aren’t in the budget!

  3. Holly Kymes

    Love the wall color. It’s awesome! And you can’t beat Ikea for bookshelves. We have tons of them. Of course, they are all in the POD. On the upside, they were super easy to take apart for the move. Not that “I” did the taking apart. But still. šŸ™‚

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