365/39 and 40

As promised, here’s some more house pics:

{lets do the guest bathroom first, shall we?}

{the view from the door: note the abundance of oak cabinetry (this is a recurring theme in the rooms I haven’t revealed yet), the brass fixtures (yuck) and the countertops made of some non-natural material}

{the view from the shower}

{my mermaids – they put a smile on my face}

{towel hooks placed at the boys level – Mike’s idea}

Pretty blah, eh? I love the color of the walls and…not much else about this room. I’d love to replace the countertops and fixtures for the sink, the light fixtures, and paint the cabinets. Honestly though, this room isn’t high on the list of priorities for me. It probably should rank higher on the to-do list, since it is a room that a lot of our guests see, but since it is also the boys’ bathroom (do I need to spell out what that means?) and because I don’t spend that much time in there, I just can’t bring myself to get worked up about it.

Enough about the bathroom already. Here’s the big boys’ bedroom:

{the boys would like to welcome you to their room}

{they love the bunk beds, but they both sleep on the bottom bunk every night. i love that.}

{kodi, sneaking into the picture. i painted the shelves a couple of years ago. Noah had requested a rocketship motif, and I’m still pretty darn proud of myself for painting something even remotely resembling a rocketship. Oh, and the dresser on the right used to serve as our sideboard the last time we lived here. We put it into storage while we were in England and completely forgot we had it. The boys needed somewhere to put their clothes, so there it went. It desparately needs a coat of paint, and even then it’ll still be a goodwill dresser, but it’ll do for now}

{The view from the bed. Note Sawyer’s freaky Mardi Gras mask hanging from his art hook}

{A view of the closet (with its tacky lovely mirrored doors). The lamp is sitting on the desk that my uncle made for me when I was a little girl – it could use a coat of paint too}

So there’s the panoramic view of Noah and Sawyer’s room. As for the wall color, Sawyer picked that one out. If it was up to him, the whole house (including ceilings) would be green. Its not the shade I would have picked for a bedroom (it is, however, the exact shade that I chose for the kitchen. Antique Green). I think that one day I would like to paint this room a lovely shade of gray.

Today the closet underwent a little bit of a makeover. Until this afternoon, their closet held another bookshelf and their shoes. But after I had to call poison control after catching Silas consuming Noah’s recent art project (thank God, the glue was non-toxic and note to self: no more taking my eyes off Silas while he’s awake, even for a nanosecond), I decided a change was in order. We’ve never really had to worry that much about child-proofing, except for keeping breakables and medicines up high, and cabinets locked. Noah was too little to play with small stuff or art supplies when Sawyer was a baby, and of course Emmett doesn’t put anything into his mouth. Silas, though, like most babies, puts EVERYTHING into his mouth. So from today on, art supplies and toys that could be choking hazards are being moved into the big boys’ room, and from today on, no little boys will be allowed into Noah and Sawyer’s room.

Evah! (that’s how Sawyer says ever)



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3 responses to “365/39 and 40

  1. I love the color of your boys room. I’m about ready to paint my boys room & was thinking a vibrant shade of green. I showed my boys your pictures & they think that’s the right color for their room too. Where did you get the paint? I pulled out my Sherwin Williams color wheel but couldn’t find the right shade there.

    • lauren

      Hey Kristen,

      I looked at lowes today for the maker of the paint, but I couldn’t find it. The paint chip was definitely from lowes, and called Antique green. I’ll keep searching for the actual maker – I chose paint chips from all the different paint companies that lowes carries, and had them match the colors so that I could use Olympic Premium Paint (no VOCs).

      It is definitely a vibrant shade :), and my boys love it! Thanks!

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