Alright, we STILL haven’t downloaded the snow pictures from Mississippi yet…but we will, I promise! We brought my mom’s camera back with us just for that purpose.

But since I’m so stinkin behind now on the 365 project, I’m going to post a bunch of pictures for y’all right now:

{sawyer, giving us a sad face – just to show us he can do something other than ‘rock star’}

{noah, not to be outdone in the sadness department}

{what they spend their quiet time doing – building forts}

{decorating mardi gras masks for a parade – my boys have now learned to say “throw me something, mister!”}

{noah, hard at work}

{sawyer prefers to paint with both hands}

{do you think he knows how cute he is?}

{why yes. yes he does}

{i wonder where they learn to be such goofballs?}

tomorrow I’ll post more house stuff – shall we do guest bathroom and the big boys’ room?


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