a good day turned bad

I thought I was going to post about the Mardi Gras ‘coffee’ that I hosted tonight, but instead…

Our cat Ernie died tonight. I have no idea what happened, I just found him out on our back porch. He had a big heart murmur, so I assume that his heart just gave out.

We will miss you Ernie. Even though you had taken to peeing on our bathroom rugs whenever the mood struck. Even though you went into hiding whenever anyone came to the house. Even though you didn’t like the kiddos. Even though you meowed to be let outside EVERY NIGHT at around 3 in the morning. We still loved you. And I hope in heaven that nothing is scary for a little cat with extra toes on every foot.

(here’s my PSA: this may seem obvious, but inside cats live a lot longer than outside cats. Ernie was always an inside cat until we moved to England, and the house we rented had a cat door that wouldn’t lock closed. So he took to roaming outside, as well as using the bathroom out there, as opposed to a litter box. And in my experience, once cats have a taste of being outside, its super hard to keep them inside. Especially when they pee on your rugs and your childrens’ beds. But the fact remains that an inside cat is a lot less likely to get run over by a car, attacked by another animal, contract infectious diseases like FeLV, pick up parasites, and the list goes on and on.)

Also my brother had to have surgery to remove a boil today. It turns out that the cyst was the size of an orange, and they couldn’t get it all, so he has to go back to have the rest removed later. He just got transferred a few months ago by his company to a new town, so he doesn’t really have a great support network. And of course he didn’t tell us about the first surgery until last night. So if you could say a little prayer for Todd, that would be great (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this, but if you do, I love you little brother).



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2 responses to “a good day turned bad

  1. Sarah

    I’m so sorry about Ernie!

  2. So sorry to hear about Ernie. It is never easy losing a pet (though I think my husband will have a party when my cats go).

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