winter wonderland

We drove up to Madison yesterday (the boys were all angels – made the 5 hour drive with no stops) to see one of my best friends. We ended up coming up a little early than we had planned because Mississippi was expected to be on the receiving end of a bunch of snow.

Yeah right, I thought.

But we came up anyway because I was afraid the bridges would get icy, and heaven knows Mississippi, much like Florida, has no capability to deal with any sort of cold weather.

Last night it started snowing about 10. Its now 11 am.

Its still snowing!

The boys went out to have a snowball fight. Sawyer lasted outside approximately 2.6 minutes before coming back inside and announcing he was done…and ready for hot chocolate. Noah stayed outside a good 20 minutes – long enough to turn his fingers, toes, and nose bright red.

I took some picures with my mom’s camera. Now if only we can find a cord to transfer them to the computer…

In the meantime, I’m trying to get mike to continue blogging from home. So far no luck.


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  1. holly

    lauren! mally and i are here in madison too! we would love to see u! email me. maybe we can do lunch tomorrow if u and i r both still here.

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