Ok, so today i’ve finally got pictures of the hallways. We have 2: one running from the living room past the kitchen and ending at a turn leading to the little hall closet and laundry room (which then leads to the garage); and the second starting halfway down the first hallway, the opposite way as the kitchen. The office, guest bathroom, little boys’ room and big boys’ room are off of this hallway.

On the walls we have framed prints that I picked up at the Imperial War Museum in London, and from street vendors in Paris. I had to wait a long time to get them framed (until we moved back to the states and i had access to hobby lobby and their 50% off framing sales). That was my birthday present from mike. Do you notice a trend here – every present I’ve gotten since we’ve been back in America has been for the house. That could continue for a while.

As you can maybe see, the hallways are pretty narrow. And the tile starts at the entrance to the hallway – my eventual plan is to continue the wood floors all the way down both hallways and all the bedrooms. Mike says that will have to wait until the kiddos are bigger. hmmph.

Like I said yesterday, these spaces are painted Antique. And notice the complete lack of natural light. I am trying to convince mike to cut transom windows above each doorway off of the hallway to let more light into the hall from the bedrooms, and so you can get a peek of the colors in each room.

So far he is not convinced. In any way, shape, or form. He thinks that it might decrease the value of the house because its just too weird. I think that it’ll be a really cool feature.




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2 responses to “365/34

  1. charityfaithrose

    I LOVE this idea!!! Our bedroom doors are built to look like that, but instead of glass they just have wood :(. I think it adds character and a something special to the architechture of your home.
    Plus you get light! It’s not like anyone would really be able to see in the rooms (unless you’re super-tall!). I would keep trying for them.

  2. I really like all the colors!

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